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a place for the chatty ones- happy bak- bak!!


Bak Bak Bar (BBB), as the name suggests, is a place to chitchat and catch up with friends over a few drinks., lip-smacking food and quirky decor.

Designed as a restobar, the emphasis is on both — the food and beverages.  

Quirky decor seems to be the latest fad and BBB does a good job. There are megaphones on the wall, bulbs suspended in jars, old-style telephones and classic typewriters. This is a huge space with a long bar on the far side, a compact open area to enjoy some balmy weather and a mezzanine section for private gatherings. Witty slogans and graffiti complete the final picture.

the service is quick and efficient, the staff well lives upto the name, as they are chatty, suggestive and really have the urge to give yo the best service. i wanted to order a red snapper dish, but the server taking my order advised me against it, as he said it would be a little bland for my taste, now this shows that they really care and it impressed me.

so finally upon his recommendation i ordered a dish and to go with it a mocktail since i was a lone eater, i decided to conclude my lunch at that , though i craved to try  atleast one of their dessert if not another dish but he portion size is huge and i was more than full with just that.

captain jack sparrow: lime juice and blue curacao with mint leaves and green chili, served in a salt rimmed martini glass, it was light, refreshing and perfectly tuned with salty spicy notes!!

coq au vin: succulent and juicy cuts of chicken breast and thigh, marinated, grilled to perfection and simmered in a peppered red wine jus with mushrooms and shallots, served with grilled and perfectly seasoned vibrant veggies with a crispy toasted bread. the chicken cuts we tender and the jus was delicious, the shallots and mushrooms complemented the jus perfectly and the fresh veggies went elegantly with the complete flavor pack combo.

a nice place to chill, meet your friends and get chatty, well if you can stop yourself from binging on the delicious feast!! reasonably priced….chilled out atmosphere, and awesome delicacies!!

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