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A Peeps Flavored Beer Is Reportedly Being Brewed For Easter


Every year Peeps gets embroiled in an unthinkable travesty. Last year we were introduced to Peeps topped pizza (thanks, but no thanks) and this year reports are floating around about a Peeps flavored beer (again, thanks but no thanks) being brewed especially for Easter.

According to Fast Company, The Collective Brewing Project in Fort Worth, TX have joined forces with Lone Star Taps and Caps bar to create a Peeps-flavored sour ale. The sour ale is called Peep This Collab as a homage to the brewery and bar’s partnership and the candy used to make the beverage.

Fast Company reports that it’s brewed with vanilla and butterfly pea flower, which gives the ale a purple hue. It’s also said to be brewed with actual Peeps to give it a marshmallow-y flavor. And, what would a Peep-flavored anything be without a little sparkle to mimic the glittering outside of a Peep? According to an Instagram photo shared by The Collective Brewing Project, the sour ale gets a dash of edible hot pink glitter.

However, since Easter does fall on April Fools Day this year, we’re a tad skeptical about the timing of Peep This Collab’s release. Could it all just be an elaborate hoax? I guess we’ll find out on March 30th, the alleged date the beer will be released. Watch this space for more info.

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