A Pan-Indian Binge Fest Awaits You At 7 States, New Delhi

Looking for a wide variety of options on a budget? Well, look no more because the latest addition to Connaught Place’s restaurant scape is a manifestation of all our gastronomical and financial dreams. 7 States, as the name suggests, serves up cuisines from 7 different states of India – including the quintessential Dilli-style khana, of course – in the form rich Rajasthani gravies, spicy Kashmiri stews, fiery desi Chinese dishes, and hearty Punjabi thalis among a host of other preparations.


The Space & Vibe

Nestled cozily in the middles of Connaught Place’s inner circle, 7 States’ peacefully low-key ambiance and comfortable set-up is refreshingly juxtaposed with Central Delhi’s hustle-bustle. A short walk further down Wenger’s Delhi, sitting in the lesser known middle circle of A-Block, the restaurant is done up in vibrant hues that comes alive in the form cool wall art, murals, and paintings from all across India that speckle the cozy little space.

Keeping up with the vibrancy in décor, the menu too offers a palatable exclusivity of its own. The lengthy – and with good reason – list of dishes served at the restaurant include specialties from Delhi, Kashmir, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, and Andhra Pradesh. With each cuisine better than the other and all of them supremely palatable, each dish deserves a try. Not just because of the taste but also because of the sheer affordability of this reasonably priced place. But given the limited capacity of our stomachs, we treated ourselves to a handpicked few, and here’s our take on 7 States’ food.


The Food

Though neatly divided into separate cuisines, the menu features a special section for starts – a move that calls for an extra round of applause. We started with the Donali Kebab and the Chicken Kanti, both extremely well made and rich in meat, spices, and flavors. The Donali kebab was a double delight that featured a layer of minced chicken encased in a juicy layer of minced mutton. Basically, this preparation was a chicken seekh kebab inside a blanket of mutton seekh kebab. Served with tangy coriander chutney, this made for a great appetizer.

Meanwhile, the chicken kanti got the better of our attention with its succulent texture and smoky tandoori flavor that went beautifully well with the accompanying chutney.A Pan-Indian Binge Fest Awaits You At 7 States, New Delhi

For our main course, we turned towards Rajasthan and Kashmir. We treated our self to a rich Chicken Kashmiri Biryani that came loaded with dry fruits, meat, and a dollop of authentic Kashmiri magic. The biryani, which was enough to serve two people. was accompanied by an onion-tomato raita and a rich mutton gravy that added that extra spice and taste to this rice dish.A Pan-Indian Binge Fest Awaits You At 7 States, New Delhi

Next up in the mains was a rich Rajasthani mutton curry, christened safed maas, which literally translates to white meat. Staying true to its name, this dish featured juicy pieces of goat meat cooked in a thick yogurt, cream, and dry fruits gravy topped with a dabble of subtle spices. We paired devoured the safed maas, which was the polar opposite of the traditional Rajasthani laal maas, with simple tandoori roti. Needless to say, we skipped dessert and took the longer way around to our car.A Pan-Indian Binge Fest Awaits You At 7 States, New Delhi

In conclusion, we’ve found quite the gem in terms of great budget Indian food in Connaught Place that can easily double up as your go-to place to pick up food and snacks for a house party or even a takeaway or office lunch delivery spot (yes, they do corporate meals as well). So, the next time you’re in the hood (a.k.a. Connaught Place), save yourself a hole in the pocket and binge on the delish grubs at 7 States!