A Man Puts His Life On the Line for The Salvation of Hundreds of Dogs from the Barbaric Dog-Eating Festival!

Each one of you is aware of the fact that millions of cats, dogs, and many other companion animals or pets are killed in shelters every year These animals are brought to over-crowded facilities every day, either as owner surrenders or strays. They wait day after day hoping to attract the attention of any potential adopter. Very few of these poor souls are adopted and find the perfect home they had been hoping for. Most of these pets are ultimately euthanized.

Preventing Euthanasia

Dog lovers have been wondering for a long time now, about ways to prevent euthanasia of adoptable and healthy dogs. Among some of the effective steps to be taken toward this direction are developing better adoption programs, educating pet owners not to leave their beloved pets at the shelter homes, implementing adoption programs and working hand in hand with rescue groups to assist homeless pets in finding homes.

Government-Run Shelters versus Rescue Organizations

Shelters could work in coordination with rescue organizations and find perfect homes for the homeless pets. It is mandatory by law for most shelters that are operated by the government to accept and allow all animals that are brought in every day by the common public including all pets that have been abandoned by their owners. Incidentally, several government-run animal shelters are entrusted with animal control and that is why there is overcrowding.

On the other hand, rescue groups enjoy the freedom to restrict the number of animals they could allow and accept in their shelters. Most of these rescue organizations are no kill shelters and they resort to euthanasia only in extreme cases as a last resort. They would recommend euthanasia in cases of extreme aggression, injury or illness that is beyond or not responding to medical help. Most rescue organizations are used to accepting and allowing admission to a limited number as per their capacity to effectively house and support. Moreover, they are committed to identifying the best home for each and every animal they accept and admit.

Finding Rescue Groups

It is no big deal to find rescue organizations on the Internet. Some of these groups have been actively helping the animals in distress, for decades while others are new. These rescue organizations have come up thanks to the efforts of animal lovers. If you browse through the Internet you would come across several reputed sites that are the best resources for locating rescue groups. One good example is petfinder.com that lists numerous rescue organizations across the USA.

The Disgusting Dog-Eating Festival in Yulin, China

The annual dog-eating festival in Yulin, China is held on the summer solstice. Nothing could be more inhumane and cruel than this festival. As per reports, this barbaric festival is known to slaughter an estimated 10,000 dogs every year. Recently HIS or Humane Society International had sent its staff as representatives of the organization to Yulin to express their disgust at the atrocity and cruelty against the animals. The representatives stood in full support to the dog-loving citizens and Chinese activists. However, despite the active movements by the activists and HIS reps, there was no dip in the number of dogs slaughtered in the 2015 Dog Eating Festival. Half of the killed animals were actually stolen pets. Most of them were still having collars around their necks.

The Real Savior

Fortunately, there are an increasing number of dog lovers, animal advocates, rescuers and animal rights activists worldwide fighting for man’s most loyal friend. However, not everyone would be risking his life by protesting against one of the most barbaric cases of animal cruelty. But Marc Ching stands out from the rest. He is the founder of the organization called the Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation. He also owns The PetStaurant. Marc is a brave and dedicated crusader whose mission in life is to rescue and save dogs from the notorious Asian pet meat trade. A fourth-generation Japanese, Marc Ching has emerged as the real savior of these unfortunate dogs who get slaughtered on every summer solstice just because of a barbaric tradition.

Marc has of late, visited China four times and had to fight for his life thrice. He has been badly beaten up, robbed and even shot. Yet the man with a golden heart still stands strong and carries on his campaign against the disgusting tradition of celebrating the dog eating festival. Mark is known to be a holistic nutritionist and an herbalist. Needless to mention, he is an animal lover and passionate about his organization called the Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation. He has been traveling to South Korea and China and saving numerous dogs from the notorious underground fur and meat trade.

On The Job

Since his first fateful trip, Mark made a strong resolution to go back, again and again, to save more dogs from the cruel culture and tradition out there in Yulin. Ching has made three more successful trips and rescued an impressive 249 canines from the biggest and the worst slaughterhouses in notorious localities. Only 61 dogs could survive the ordeal. Marc Ching’s job is not an easy one. His nonprofit organization focuses on chiefly rescuing animals, rehabilitating them and thereafter, rehoming the distressed and abused dogs. Mark has admitted that his rescue missions to Yulin, China have caused him intense physical and mental distress. Despite the death threats and mental anguish, Mark went about undeterred with his rescue act. Nothing could dissuade him from his quest!

Rescuing and getting proper treatment for helpless and abused dogs in foreign lands, particularly, those having extensive medical requirements could prove to be unbelievably expensive. Fortunately, Ching’s flourishing nutritional and wellness business has made it all possible. He has been so far successful in funding his Asia ventures without relying heavily on donations.

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