A Heartwarming Winter Series On Authentic Punjabi Food That’ll Have You Drooling In Seconds

Makke Di Roti has uneven edges, but for me that is the best part of it as the edges are extremely crisp and delicious! Served with a dollop of fresh home churned white butter or chitta makkhan… this makes for a delectable treat,” writes Vernika Awal in her blog, Delectable Reveries. Her stories, based on a raw, unadulterated food journey that she experiences each day reflects beautifully in her work. Her Instagram feed is packed with drool-worthy images complete with a captivating anecdote or a nugget of knowledge in the captions that keeps us hooked.

Continuing down the road, winters have arrived and Vernika has begun a winter series. This series is sure to captivate you with the lovely images, the stories behind why a particular dish is cooked and how it’s beneficial. We’re sure you’ll love this as much as you’ve loved the Punjab portrayed in the Yash Raj Films. Don’t believe us? Read on to see for yourself!

Back To The Roots

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Today in #DelectablePunjab series is a soup/gravy that is most enjoyed in Punjabi households during winters. It’s called Saloona/ सलूणा (adrak-lehsun ki subzi) . . It’s what I’d call the quickest recipe that provides oodles of comfort, hits that right spot with its robust flavours and uses minimal ingredients . . Ginger-garlic is a must in winters thanks to their inherent warm characteristic and when made in this form, it’s almost therapeutic. You can have this with garam rotis or just a bowl of this by itself (like I do!) . . Here’s the #recipe: . • in a pan heat 1tsp ghee and to that add jeera and fresh ginger-garlic paste . • cook it till it stops sticking to the pan and then add haldi, namak and a pinch of garam masala . • to this add tomato purée and then roast it well till the raw smell goes away . • add one cup of water to this and boil the soup and then turn it off . • in the end, add 1/4 cup of milk to this and serve! . . This is recommended to be had in winters and to treat common cold, indigestion or to simply provide warmth to your bodies! Happy eating guys ❤️

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The idea behind the winter series on Delectable Reveries is going back to the roots. With home-chefs coming into the limelight and pop-ups happening every week, the trend of experiencing the authentic recipes has set in. Vernika too has had a raw experience of her roots recently and food being her passion, her focus has been on the ingredients, recipes, style of cooking as well as the value of dishes cooked in a Punjabi household. There are a plethora of delicacies that one can indulge in this season and feel warmth seeping in, not just in the body, but the soul as well.

Anecdotes and Recipes

Each dish has a story to tell and Vernika of Delectable Reveries captures it beautifully in her winter series. She shares her own experiences and brings recipes from her as well as her bua’s kitchen which are captivating and in fact inspires you to cook. If you’re not planning to cook, you’ll definitely feel quite closer to a cuisine which unfortunately is only popular for a handful of dishes; some of which aren’t even a part of an everyday meal.

Breaking Myths

We might relish a greasy naan with Dal Makhani at every Indian restaurant but in a Punjabi household, no such dal exists. What you’ll find however, is mah cholleyaan di daal or even mah ki daal which is eaten with makki ki roti in the winters. If this nugget has blown your mind you’ve got to hear more from Vernika Awal who’s shattering myths about Punjabi cooking and bringing recipes that you’ll surely love way more than the buttery food served outside.

Visuals On Instagram

“I’ve always been a storyteller and today I relate more to what we’ll call a visual storyteller. A picture either should speak for itself or be accompanied with text which makes it relevant. The idea of doing a #DelectablePunjab series was to document and present to the world an insight into an everyday vegetarian Punjabi kitchen and logics behind why we eat what we eat. I’m overwhelmed with the kind of response it has acquired in the last ten days of doing this and it has surely set me on a path where I want to continue scavenging for more and dig deeper into my state’s culinary history.”

The winter series by Vernika Awal is ongoing on her Instagram feed @delectable_reveries. So go ahead and indulge yourself in the warmth of her stories!