A Fundraiser Concert To Be Held At Flea Bazaar Cafe In Mumbai

A Fundraiser Concert To Be Held At Flea Bazaar Cafe In Mumbai

In its first edition, Awaaz Do is going to be held at the Flea Bazaar Cafe in Mumbai this Thursday. An array of musicians are going to be lined up for the event and is being organised in collaboration with NGOs social communities and organizations that fight for prevalent urban issues. Herein, the audience will not only enjoy the gigs but also be made aware of issues in their city and in this first edition special emphasis will be on the Aarey Forest and Mithi River.

The Line Up

The musicians performing on 31st January at the Flea Bazaar Cafe includes Ankur and the Ghalat Family that specialise in Urdu and Hindi easy acoustic ballads folk rock/ rock n roll. A socially conscious rapper groups Swadesi will also be in the lineup for the evening. The place would also be reverberate with the sounds of the song Chipko Re sung by the Maati Baani. This song has recently been written for the #SaveAareyForest campaign. Along with these, Prakash Bhoir and his collective of musicians from Aarey Colony will be singing tribal and folk songs. On the other hand Avi will wow everyone with his vocal skills.

Save The Environment

The evening would also host talks by wildlife biologist Nikit Surve who’ll spread awareness on leopards of Mumbai. The topic of Fragile Forests and Rivers of Mumbai will be touched upon by Vanashakti Director Stalin Dayanand. Finally, the proceeds of the event will go in for the conversational efforts of Vanashakti which will help in their legal struggle to put a stop the unauthorized tree felling in Aarey Colony.