A Community On Facebook Has Teamed Up For Some Serious McDonald’s Hatin’

McDonald’s has faced its fair share of negativity over the years, perhaps the most publicised example being Super Size Me, where Morgan Spurlock survived on a pure McDonald’s diet for a month and faced drastic health problems. However, Spurlock is not the only individual who has taken his issues with McDonald’s to the public; there is, in fact an entire community on Facebook devoted to ridiculing, blaming, questioning and good old hating McDonald’s and its foods.

Facebook Against Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald is the popular clown mascot that sits outside McDonald’s outlets across the world, beaming a red lips ticked smile and encouraging children to sit on his laps. This group, however sees a more sinister side of McDonald’s:



The page also depicts the effects of eating McDonald’s such as obesity, and heart problems:




Along with the photographs, it also shares news articles that casts McDonald’s in a negative light, such as one of a man collapsing after eating a McDonald’s sandwich and another about a hospital refusing to allow McDonald’s to set up shop in their food court.

In short, this community of some 6,147 people has gathered to prove that not everybody is lovin’ it. McDonald’s has already taken steps to appease people who complain about their unhealthy fare with initiatives like the organic burger, but will it be enough for this group?