A Bar In Rio Is Offering Up Free Shots Every Time Neymar Falls When Playing Serbia

ICYMI, (or you just don’t care) the FIFA World Cup 2018 is currently underway in Russia, and with all the VAR drama some of the best teams in the world are making a right mess of things. After Brasil drew with Switzerland and recorded a late victory against Costa Rica, tongues have been wagging about the form of their star player – Neymar Jr.

If you’re an avid football fan (or watched Brasil’s game against Switzerland for 5 minutes) then you’ll have invariably noticed Neymar’s penchant for simulation play (aka diving) which, although it hasn’t led to a great performance, has led to some fire memes.

In fact, Neymar has fallen about so much, that a bar in Rio, Sir Walter Pub, is offering up free shots every time Neymar takes a tumble in Brasil’s last group match against Serbia. Considering it’s pretty much a do or die for both teams we’re sure it’s going to be a feisty encounter.

We’re not sure if this is a case of reverse psychology, but if Neymar plays anywhere close to the way he has done for the last couple of years, two things are certain: Sir Walter Pub may run out of alcohol (or get awfully close), and all its patrons are going to get absolutely hammered!