99 Varieties Of Chaat At Sri Sairam’s Chats and Juice Stall In Bengaluru

There are several chaat stalls in and around Bengaluru which serves the best in street-side chaat items. Whether you are in the mood for some pani puri or pav bhaji, you are bound to find some place or the other serving traditional fares along with dishes with a slight local twist. Although the number of chaat stalls are plentiful, there is only one selling 99 different varieties of chaat items. 

Sri Sairam’s Chats and Juice Stall in Malleshwaram is known around the neighbourhood for its expansive menu consisting of 99 different varieties of chaat items. From your traditional dishes like dahi puri and samosa masala to the more unique disco-chats and time pass chats, there are items on the menu which we have never come across before. Although we are adventurous in trying out exotic food items, Sri Sairam’s menu gave us more than a slight pause in choosing the right dish.

Here are a few chaat items we tried which satisfied our inner taste buds craving for some freshly prepared chaat items. 

1. Disco-Chaat

As soon as we saw the item on the menu, we had to order it. Although the name sounds exotic, the dish is quite similar to the dahi puri with an extra dose of sev and boondi. The tanginess of the tamarind chutney is cooled down with some dahi to give you a confused flavour explosion. 


2. Students Special

Although we are way past the student age, the name piqued our interest quite a bit, as most items on the menu does. The student’s special chaat is a delightful preparation of chips, masala ground nuts, curd and sev. The flavours from the dish is an amalgamation of various cuisines, all served together on a plate. 


3. Sairam’s Special

The Sairam’s special is as good as the name indicates. The simple dish is packed with flavours, chips topped with a spicy tamarind sauce and garnished with sev and onions. 


4. Bun Samosa

We love samosas and we obviously love a good sandwich. Combine both together and you have our attention. The bun samosa served at this stall is nothing more than a samosa sandwich, with two bite-sized samosa stuffed inside a bun with the addition of sev and mixed vegetables topped with cheese. Sounds like a mouthful and it sure was. 


5. Dahi Puri

Although we were pretty stuffed, we had to end it with one of our personal favourite chaat items, the dahi puri. Although it wasn’t as special as other items on the menu, it quite easily topped the other versions of dahi puri we’ve had in Bengaluru. 


The choices at Sri Sairam’s Chat and Juice center is plentiful and it would take us multiple visits to test out most of the items on the menu. Although the stall does not have the space to keep the crowd in, the menu is one of the main reason why there is a huge crowd every evening. Sri Sairam’s also serves a wide variety of juices and milk shakes, which will come in handy when you are hogging down the spicy chaats. 

Sri Sairam’s Chat and Juices is located in Malleshwaram, near the Sankey Tank. Visit the stall one of the these days and let us know which item on the menu you tried that knocked your socks off.