97 Percent Indians Want Adulterators Of Food Exposed To The Public

97 Percent Indians Want Adulterators Of Food Exposed To The Public

A survey conducted by an online portal called LocalCircles reveals that 97 percent of Indian citizens want the government to disclose the identity of food adulterators. According to the report by the New Indian Express, food adulteration has gone to the extent of mixing urea and water in the milk used for making cottage cheese so that it appears thicker and softer as well as the mixing of hydrogenated oil in vegetable oil.

Citizens Fed Up With Food Adulteration

The online survey also found out that 39 percent of the citizens had seen maximum of the adulteration in fruits and vegetables and 21 percent had found adulterated milk. The report further says that to ripen fruits and vegetables, carbon carbide and ethylene gas is frequently used.

The survey also questioned the people as to what punishment should be given to food adulterators when caught. 20 percent of them said that the culprits should be imprisoned for three years without parole along with a fine of Rs. 1 lakh whereas 39 percent vouched for 10 years of imprisonment and Rs. 10 lakh of fine. All in all the citizens feels that there should be more awareness and the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India along with the state food departments must ensure that non-compliant businesses and brands are disclosed to the public.


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