91K Retweets For A Year’s Supply Of Bira 91 Beer – Let’s Make It Happen!

We all know that the internet can be a dark and dangerous place. That’s why it’s so refreshing when we see people (read: Twitterati) banding together for the good of another. That is exactly what we witnessed when the Nuggs boy, Carter Wilkerson, broke the record for most retweeted tweet and won a year’s supply of free nuggets from Wendy’s.

Now, Ankit Jain, Twitter handle – @indiantweeter, is jumping on the bandwagon, and for a much better cause – a year’s supply of Bira 91 beer!

Ankit Jain probably thought it was just another routine day when he decided to tweet Bira about the chances of getting a year’s supply of Bira’s white (arguably their best) beer. Little did he know that they would reply, and his life would change forever! The petty things he thought important, like food and sleep, were nothing in comparison to the desperate battle for retweets and ultimately – free beer!

Bira has also been a fantastic sport about the whole thing! They kicked off his journey with the first retweet and have continued to offer support.

However, that’s not too surprising! Who can forget their crazy awesome beer at only Rs. 5 promo! 

As of today, at 16:40 Ankit Jain had amassed around 6.3k retweets. Not too shabby considering he only tweeted Bira on the 14th! Even I was inspired to do my bit – who am I to separate a man from his free beer?

We all know how frivolous social media can be – but we won’t allow Ankit to go without his Bira 91 beer! Retweet today! Let’s show the world the internet is a great place (also, free beer)!