The 90th Academy Awards Will Serve Up A Truly Unique Dessert

It’s that time of the year again when half the planet will wake up hours early to catch their favourite Hollywood stars at one of the most sought-after awards shows the Oscars, a.k.a. the Academy Awards. In addition to the star-studded evening and the prestigious award ceremony, the Oscars are also a sight for food aficionados the world over. With a lavish menu painstakingly prepared by the Academy’s long-standing favourite, Wolfgang Puck, the menu is nothing short of breathtaking.

This year too Puck will be spinning magic at the 90th annual Oscars Governors Ball, however, the dinner is not what’s got our attention this year, it’s the dessert. Guests at the Ball will be served a dish that has never before been served or eaten ever – Callebaut Ruby chocolate. Wondering where you’ve heard that name before? Well, it’s none other than the hyped fourth kind of chocolate (the “pink chocolate”, if you may) after white, milk, and dark.

Under the expert supervision of Puck’s pastry chef, Monica Ng, the catering team will roll out a gorgeous Ruby Chocolate Strawberry and Cream as one of the several dessert options. The dessert consists of strawberry-hibiscus mousse, strawberry compote, vanilla sponge, mascarpone cream, and the star ingredient, the ruby chocolate.

The 90th Academy Awards Will Serve Up A Truly Unique DessertImage Source

Speaking on the vision behind the unique dessert, Ng explained, “We looked for flavor pairings that play with the slight acidity, not wanting to mask the flavor. Red berries are a natural pairing, but my first thought was Rose Champagne. Our dessert incorporates Harry’s Berries strawberries, rose, and elderflower….the floral note adds balance.”

Meanwhile, to give you an idea of the amount of extravagance that will be served to the attendees, here’s a peek at the ingredient list – courtesy Refinery29 – that comes with quite the price tag:

1,500 quail eggs$1,725 ($1.50 per egg)

250 Maine lobsters: $3,125 ($12.50 a pound)

300 pounds of Miyazaki wagyu beef: $4,800 ($10 an ounce; $160 a pound)

100 pounds of Snake River Farms Gold Grade New York Filet: $9,200 ($5.75 an ounce; $92 a pound)

One ton of 70% Fleur de Cao Cacao Barry: $17,627.27 ($8.81 a pound)

35 pounds of winter black truffles from Burgundy: $27,994.40 ($49.99 an ounce; $799.84 a pound)

30 pounds of edible gold dust: $28,500 ($5.95 per 0.1 ounce; $59.50 an ounce; $950 a pound)

15 kilos (33 pounds) of American farm-raised caviar: $34,716 ($65.75 an ounce; $1,052 a pound)

2,400 bottles of Francis Ford Coppola wine : $64,800 ($27 a bottle)

1,500 bottles of Piper-Heidsieck Champagne$149,955 ($99.97 a bottle)

The Oscars are scheduled to take place on Sunday, 4th March (5 PM – GMT) at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, California.

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