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9 Ways to Throw In Some Potatoes to Your Dinner


When your mom screams, “Dinner’s ready!” You’re always expecting to see something with potatoes laid out on the dinner table! Here are 6 ways you can include your favourite vegetable for dinner!

Boiled potatoes:


Who would want to miss out on this warm, crumbly dinner favourite? This mouth-watering boiled vegetable has been a family favourite ever since it was invented. Made by boiling peeled potatoes at medium low and seasoning them with garlic, bay leaves, butter, and salt, they taste gorgeous and can be consumed individually as well as a complement to your meal along with boiled peas.

Potato Salad:


A refreshing salad to go with your main course, this healthy mix of vegetables gives you the right amount of nourishment, energy and also makes a scrumptious supplement to your meal. If you love fatty foods then pour generous tablespoons of mayonnaise (not low-fat) to crank up the taste factor by a notch. This dish combines the best of both worlds – It is tasty and at the same time healthy too. Watch this video to make the best potato salad you’ve ever tasted!



French fries? Yes please!

Easy to make and easier to eat they can be consumed with a variety of sides- ranging from mayonnaise to chilli sauce, with each one giving rise to a unique and exquisite taste. They taste best when had with a combination of hamburgers and Coca cola. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself by watching this video on how to make the perfect tuber sticks! Do your French fries come out soggy, limp, and insipid? Try Thomas Joseph’s trick for frying them twice which is guaranteed to give you fries with a perfectly crispy, golden brown exterior, and a tender interior!

Potato chips:


Another fried snack on our list, this crunchy snack has been an essential part of almost every meal .They serve as a tasty side to almost any dish you can imagine. They come in various flavours from salted to hasselback. Hungry? Open a packet of potato chips! Or better yet why don’t you make a batch by yourself? They can be made using just a few potatoes and an oil fryer. The combinations of flavours you can achieve are endless! Watch this video to make home-style potato crisps. They add just the right crunch to dinner!

Mashed Potatoes:


Watch how to make the best mashed potatoes ever! The secret to these spuds’ success is using luscious potatoes, and mashing them with cream cheese, butter, chives, plus lots of garlic and Parmesan cheese! It’s a must-have recipe for Thanksgiving dinner. The potatoes are an amazing side dish with roast turkey and gravy. Try it out.

Potato Curry:


Watch how to make a spicy, restaurant-style vegan curry. It’s so simple. Simmer potatoes, onions, and garlic with traditional spices, minced fresh ginger, tomatoes, garbanzo beans, and peas. Add coconut milk at the end, and dinner’s ready!

Twice Baked Potatoes:


Baked potatoes are a fun and healthy! Watch this video and learn how to make these baked and yummy tubers!

Stuffed Potato Skins:


It’s midweek and you can’t be bothered to cook something – it happens to all of us! This recipe takes some already cooked jacket potatoes and combines them with some flavours you like. The Sorted boys went for cheese, ham, mushroom, to create a quick delicious midweek meal!

Potato Dumplings:


Yummy steamed potato dumplings to satiate your cravings for steamed food.