9 Tools That You Should Already Have In Your Home Bar

Do you have all of these yet?

Do you fancy yourself as an expert drink maker? Or, if you want to be a little fancier, do you tell your friends that you’re a mixologist? If you do, then it won’t do to be caught without certain essentials for making drinks at your home bar. Having the correct booze is a given, but what about all the other things you need to make the perfect drink? Use this as a checklist. 

1) Measuring Tools


Whether you’re working out of a recipe book or creating your own signature concoctions, it’s always worth having measuring tools on hand. You could either use a traditional jigger, a cup that measures jiggers which are units for measuring alcohol, or a regular measuring cup.

2) Bottle Opener

bottle opener_compressed

This is so obvious that it almost didn’t make it on this list. Struggling with bottle corks and caps for hours on end will only cramp your style. Let a bottle opener do the work for you.

2) Paring Knife


This would be used for cutting fruits for juicing, and peeling of rinds of oranges and lemons that can be used for garnishing.

3) Blender


Use this to quickly whip all your ingredients together. It may also create frothy foam that will look beautiful in a cocktail glass.

4) Shaker


If you’re more into the traditional style of doing things, then get a good quality shaker. Shake with style and add some panache to your look.

5) Cocktail Strainer


Make sure no large, difficult chunks of ice get into your drinks by using a cocktail strainer.

6) Cocktail Spoon

cocktail spoon_compressed

Give your drink a final stir with a cocktail spoon. You could use a regular teaspoon, but that’s not as fun, is it?

7) Mixers


Make sure you have a good stock of aerated drinks, syrups and fruit juices. You never know what a recipe will call for.

8) Garnishes


Garnishes like cocktail onions, olives, salt, pepper and sugar and sauces like Tabasco can add punches of flavour to your drink. Keep them on hand.

9) Glassware


You wouldn’t want to serve your guests your beautifully crafted drinks in your regular water glasses, would you? Keep a good collection of glassware in your bar’s cabinet including martini glasses, tumbler glasses and scotch glasses.