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9 things that you probably did while you were drunk last Saturday


1. You called up McDonalds and told them their KFC chicken was excellent.

prank calling McDonalds

2. You took candy from a baby.

taking candy from a baby

3. You told your friend she was..not thin.

calling a friend fat

4. You fed your vegetarian friend a piece of chicken.

feeding chicken

5. You made ‘Why did the chicken cross the road? – To end up in KFC’ jokes in KFC.

crossing the road jokes

6. You screamed ‘snakes’ at a plate of spaghetti.

plate of spaghetti

7. You told Baskin and Robins that all their ice cream flavours taste the same.

ice cream flavours

8. You wriggled into a Chinese restaurant and shouted that their food was actually Indian.

pointing fingers

9. You screamed at the ’food delivery service’ and asked them whether their delivery was taking so long was because they were delivering babies.

screaming on the phone