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9 Mousses That Will Do The Smooth-Talking At Your Dinner Party


One of our favourite desserts of all time are Mousses. We love them so much, that sometimes we make a whole pie of them just so we can eat it entirely by ourselves on a lazy day in. If you think that’s relatable, then you probably love mousses just as much as we do. Nothing beats the satisfaction of digging your spoon into a creamy, soft, and fluffy helping of mousse. Especially when they’re flavoured to taste like heaven with all that chocolate. What’s more, they’re on the simpler side of desserts and you can whip these up pretty much any time of the day and enjoy them by yourself or take them with you to your next dinner party!


1. White Chocolate Mousse

This is a really easy and simple recipe for mousse that looks like winter and feels like Christmas! If you’re looking for an elegant mousse to take to the next dinner party or make when hosting you’re own, try this one. You’ll be really glad that you did!


2. Lover’s Chocolate Mousse

A delectable and rich chocolate mousse that you are guaranteed to fall in love with, this mousse will also have people falling for you for making it! This recipe is incredibly easy to do, so go ahead and give it a try for your next special dinner!


3. Mango Mousse
Love mangoes? The almighty mango stars in this recipe for a rich and creamy mango mousse that you do not want to miss out on! You can use this mousse for a cake or simply enjoy it as a mousse!


4. Lemon Mousse

This video shows you how to make a yummy lemon mousse following a few simple steps. If you thought making a lemon mousse was hard, think again. This recipe will give you a great lemon mousse leaving your guests in awe.


5. Fresh Strawberry Mousse

You know what to do when strawberries are in season! Make some strawberry mousse! This recipe shows you how to make some delightful and fresh strawberry mousse. It has a light texture and is very simple to make but is guaranteed to impress!


6. Key Lime Mousse

Is key lime your thing? Then you’re about to love this! A lovely flavour for a mousse that’s perfect for summertime! It’s not that hard to make so give it a try and treat yourself and your guests to a great summertime dessert.


7. White Chocolate & Lime Mousse
Lime makes this white chocolate mousse feel like an exotic creation that feel from the skies. You will love the silkiness of the white chocolate as it fuses with the lovely flavour of lime, making this mousse a truly exceptional treat. Top if off with some edible flowers and leave your guests amazed at your creation.


8. Nutella Mousse

Nutella is everything. Dive into a Nutella mousse, and you’ll be at a loss for words. It tastes super delicious and it is easy to make as it requires only a few ingredients.


9. Chocolate Cheesecake Mousse

Chocolate cheesecake is about to become your favourite mousse. That’s right, such a delight exists. Try this awesome no-bake recipe and see for yourself how good a chocolate cheesecake mousse can be!


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