9 Mango Desserts In Mumbai To Say Goodbye To Summer With A Bang

The monsoons are here, and while we’re all heaving a sigh of relief that it’s become way cooler, we’re also a little sad about the end of summer, because it means the end of the mango season. Enjoy the last of juicy, luscious mangoes in these delicious desserts across Mumbai.

Mango Parfait at The Parfait Co

Cold, smooth velvety parfait to fight the remaining humidity.

Mango Ice Cream and Mango Cheesecake at PapaCream

Papacream tops a smooth mango cheesecake with rich mango ice cream which is then topped with raspberry noodles.

Frozen Mango Tiramisu at Indigo Deli


The king of fruits makes a glorious appearance atop and infused in a classic tiramisu which tops a bed of crunchy Rice Krispies. This one is a part of Indigo Deli’s Frozen Dessert menu; read more about it here.

Ultimate Mango Experience at Di Bella Coffee

Di Bella is best known for its waffles, but doesn’t this milkshake have you drooling as well?

Mango Cheesecake from Cheesecake Republic


The base of this cheesecake is soft and crumbly, while the cheese is smooth and infused with a delicious, rich mango flavour.

Mango and Sticky Rice at By The Mekong


We developed an overwhelming love for mango and sticky rice as a dessert on a recent trip to Thailand (more about that soon). By The Mekong does this traditional dessert beautifully, balancing textures and flavours.

Mango Chilli Bar and Pina Colada & Cherry Duet at The Bombay Canteen

Mangoes meet booze in these popsicles.

Beyond the Ozone at Toshin

This is a delicious, creamy mango dessert made with mascarpone cheese, mango squares and vanilla daquiose Tempted? We thought so.