9 Live Music Places in Bangalore to get your Groove on

So there are night where all you want to do is drink and then go dancing. But what about the other nights? Where you would just like to chill out, sip on some cocktail and let your feet tap so some groovy tunes. There’s nothing like live music to unwind after a stressful week. 

That’s exactly what these groovy places in Bangalore had in mind. These places host established as well as upcoming artists to showcase their music, serve some tasty food and mix some amazing cocktails, all for us to enjoy. Let the melody wash over you at these 9 places for live music in Bangalore

1. The Humming Tree 

Humming Tree was started by Nikhil Barua with a vision to create a space for musicians to meet and greet, collaborate, and perform, The Humming Tree prides itself on being a performance based venue first and a nightlife or dining place later. That said, they do serve excellent cocktails and finger-licking food. The Humming Tree has had bands and musicians from diverse genres, states and countries. 

Image source: trumpetandtravelnotes.wordpress.com

Where: Indiranagar 

2. Windmills Craftworks 

A fantastic place for an ‘after office’ get together, team party or group outing. Windmills looks so visually appealing that once you get there, the distance you’ve travelled to get here doesn’t matter. Instead, focus on the ambience, the great food and drink and of course, the music in the offing. They also happen to be a micro-brewery and their brews are well worth the travel. 

Image source: eventshigh.com

Where: Whitefield 

3. Hard Rock Cafe

The quintessential music space in Bangalore is the closest you will get to an all-American pub experience sans passport. They are known for their huge and greasy burgers. Combine that with Rock n Roll and you have your American experience. Their decor and ambience with walls lined with instruments and clothes worn by musicians will keep you captivated. 

Image source: highonscore.com

Where: St. Marks Road 

4. Bflat

It has been the perfect venue for bands that are looking for a platform to showcase their talents, or even the more established looking for a canvas for their artistic expression. While B Flat is known for their shows and artists it hosts, a noteworthy fact is that they have a pretty awesome kitchen too. The food at B Flat is delicious to say the least, the bar counter has the choicest cocktails and the service is friendly and courteous.

Image source: highonscore.com

Where: Indiranagar 

5. Take 5 

Most music aficionados choose between Take 5 and Bflat because of their close proximity to each other. Take 5 is more inclined towards Jazz, Blues and Classic Rock. They haven’t been known to be too experimental this far, but have hosted young bands, stand up comedy shows, global music and Karaoke nights. They have a great menu and you better not leave there without ordering a steak!

Image source: buzzintown.com

Where: Indiranagar 

6. Indigo Live Music Bar

They are owned by the popular English music FM Radio station, Radio Indigo and call themselves Bangalore’s first music bar. The interiors are a masterpiece put together by international graffiti artists Sickboy and Ben Allen, the walls are colourful, fascinating and innovative. They host events that range from soloists, bands, DJs and even stand up comedians. 

Image source: nh7.in

Where: Koramangala 

7. Opus 

Opus has captured everything from jazz to blues, metal men to electronic Djs and has emerged as one of the premiere destinations for a musical night. The setting is Goan-inspired or as some might say Greek-themed. Either way, we will take it. 

Image source: mensxp.com

Where: Sankey Road & Whitefield

8. CounterCulture

During the initial days of CounterCulture almost a decade back, they mainly focused on bands that played metal, but they now host and encourage all kinds of creative endeavors. The icing on the cake is that they have a great kitchen. Don’t forget to try out their wood-fire pizzas. 

Image source: nme.in

Where: Whitefield

9. Phoenix Market City 

No it isn’t just for shopping, Phoenix Market City also caters to the music lover in you. They have a sprawling open area where they host a number of live events hosting artists ranging from bathroom singers, to struggling musicians and even big names. Being a mall they have a myriad of eating options and in case you don’t like the music too much, console yourself with some serious shopping.

Image source: phoenixmarketcitybangalore.com

Where: Whitefield