9 Life Hacks To Trick Yourself Into Eating Less

Eat smart. Go on a diet. Exercise often. Cut back on sweets. Blah blah blah! Aren’t you just sick and tired of hearing these sentences again and again and again? And again.giphy (24)

But here are 9 life saving hacks for which you neither have to cut down back on dessert, sweat your glands out at the gym and stock up your fridge with healthy proteins and fibers! Thank us later.


Use smaller plates

Simply because you’ll be unable to pile up your plate like you’re hibernating for winter!giphy (20)


Cut food into smaller pieces

Sandwiches, pizzas, pastries – just chop them up! This trick fools your brain into thinking that you’re eating way more than you actually are!giphy (18)


Food foreplay

Imagining how awesomtastic your food is going to be even before taking a bite makes you gorge less than you planned to.15274909


100 calorie packs actually work

Studies show that a person eats almost 25.2%-54.1% less if their snacks are in smaller packs. Fine, we’ll just resort to mini Oreos then!giphy (19)


Do not eat in front of a TV or computer

As much as you want to catch up with Ellen and watch a re-run of a FRIENDS episode, you shouldn’t. Because the more distracted you are, the more you’ll eat!anigif_enhanced-buzz-11227-1383430397-4


Keep your food out of sight and reach

This includes everything. Yes, even those 100 calories packs – helpful as they are – but just shoo it away!anigif_enhanced-buzz-12526-1383430469-0


Brush your teeth right after dinner

Immediately after you finish your plate of food, go brush your teeth. Not only is it a great way of maintaining oral hygiene but also prevents you from diving in for a second helping.giphy (21)


Take a walk before eating

Along with burning a few extra calories, this quick exercise reduces your appetite.giphy (22)


Don’t shop hungry

This is a fact that almost every person who goes grocery shopping before lunch/dinner agrees with. Not only do you end up buying unnecessary food items – most of which is super fatty – you also burn a mammoth hole in your wallet!giphy (23)