9 interesting things to do with an ice tray that will blow your mind

You’re using your ice cube tray to make ICE? How boring! Brace yourselves then, as we pull up a list of cool things you could be doing with your average ice cube tray. Dude, be “cool”. 

1. Hot chocolate stirrers

 image ice cube.1

2. Herbs in oil

 image ice cube.2

3. Wine

 image ice cube.3

4. Homemade Sauces

 image ice cube.4

5. Buttermilk

 image ice cube.5

6. Baby Food

 image ice cube.6

7. Chicken/ Vegetable Stock/broth

 image ice cube.7

8. Granola Bars

 image ice cube.8

9. Green Boosters for smoothies

 image ice cube.9