9 Interesting Reasons Why Men Like Beer More Than Women Do

There’s always the social stigma that attaches beer with men rather than women. Although a lot of women these days are slowing shifting towards to beer for comfort, there are still many reasons why most women tend to stay away from it. Some scientific studies have also been conducted backing up evidence behind this statement. Following are 9 reasons why men tend to like beer more than women do. 

1. Men Targeted Commercials 


Commercials always depict men drinking on a bottle of beer while enjoying sports, while on the other hand Women are objectified in most of the commercials. This is one of the reasons why women are not drawn to beer, although it is only a small reason amidst the other major reasons, this one place where brain plays the tricks. 


2. Taste sensitivity


The taste palliates differ from one person to another, what you might like might not be the same thing that your friend likes. Some people prefer sour tastes over sweet and vice versa. When it comes to beer, a similar story explains why men like it more. Study by Tim Hanni concluded that women are more sensitive to tastes than men. The study states that sensitive tasters are not used tolerating bitterness and most of the surveyed women were found to be sensitive tasters unlike a small percentage of men. Hence, the difference in choice is explained.


3. Beer Bellies 


Although there is no scientific evidence that suggests that beer contributes more calories than any other alcohol, it is a popular belief that beer causes weight gain. It does contain a lot of calories and this is one of the major reasons why women stay away from beer.


4. Fast Filling 


Beer if not served or drank right will make you feel fuller faster than any other alcohol. 


5. Flavors and smells


The smell of beer is not tolerated by the female population as most of them prefer a fruity kind of flavors and smell. Men on the other hand are known for tolerating any kind of smells better than women and beer has a very yeasty smell to it. 


6. Burping 


Beer causes burps, it is a known fact. While most men don’t mind and even have competitions, some women find it disgusting. 


7. Acquired Taste 


If you have to develop a liking for beer, you have to either get drunk or have have memories of beer. This is because beer’s taste is acquired by the brain trying to gather the emotions and other reactions based on your first time. And since it is a lot cheaper, men while hanging out as a group stock beer instead of wine. Thus they acquire a taste for it, due to experiences. 


8. Beer Buzz


It takes a lot of beer to get one drunk and since it is also filling, it doesn’t quite give you the buzz right away. You will be left somewhere between almost getting drunk and a full stomach. While men are used to this, women are more used to the other drinks which give them a different experience, hence men prefer beer. 


9. Bitterness


This is one the main reasons why women avoid beer, because it is bitter. Men accept and acquire it while women don’t. At least some don’t.