9 Indian Dessert Recipes That Will Blow Your Taste-buds Away

A well-prepared Indian dessert, often immersed with lots of milk or sugar is very hard to resist. Even if you’ve had a massive meal of biryani, dal, curds, rotis, naana and so on, your mouth will start watering the minute the dessert is brought out. We know; we’ve been there. So, this Sunday indulge your taste buds and make one of these desserts at home.

Thengaai Thirukkannamudhu Recipe












This delicious South Indian dish is a blend of creamy coconut and milk.

Arisi Thirukkannamudhu Recipe












Here’s another milk based South Indian dessert that is interestingly textured with spoonfuls of rice.

Shahi Tukra Recipe











Let’s move on to the North and pay tribute to this decadent Mughal dessert.

Rabri Recipe










Love rabri at restaurants? Try making your own at home; with this easy recipe you can’t go wrong!

Shrikhand Recipe












There’s nothing better than a cool bowl of shrikhand on these hot summer days that we’re battling.

Seviyan Kheer Recipe












Delight your taste buds with this beautifully textured kheer.

Kalakand Recipe












Doesn’t a good helping of milk cakes sound tasty?

Sooji Halwa Recipe










Halwa is one of India’s favourite desserts. Semolina (sooji) makes for a rich, flavourful halwa.

Mango Falooda Recipe










Faloodas are always a win, but when they have mangoes doused in them they become an uber win!