9 Grilling Hacks To Store Up Your Sleeve

Do you want to grill your way to a better life? Or at least grill your way towards being a better host? Then, try out these grilling hacks that will make your barbeques taste that much more brilliant!

1) Make sure you have enough fuel


Even the pros have ended up with a pile of half cooked meat because they’ve run out of gas to cook on. Okay, maybe we’re wrong; but it’s a possibility. Make sure your grill is filled with fuel before you begin to grill, and that you have some extra fuel handy.

2) Grease Your Grill


Before you begin grilling, fold up a few sheets of paper towel and dip it in a neutral flavoured oil. Run the towel across the grill. Or, use garlic marinated oil to give your meats extra flavour.

3) Spice up Some Store Bought Sauces


Mix some handy ingredients into store bought barbeque sauce if you don’t have time to make your own. Try it with small quantities first; we love apple cider vinegar, salt, sugar or fruit juice.

4) Marinate Your Meats


Try soaking your meat in a little beer or fruit juice before grilling. It gives it punches of flavour! While grilling your meats you could also spray a little apple juice on it while it cooks.

5) Use Your Citrus Fruits


Layer your grill with slices of lemon, oranges or tangerines and place your meat on top of the layer. It prevents the meat from sticking and gives it a great flavour! You can then use the fruit slices to make lemonade or orangeade with an interesting smoky flavour.

6) Herbs For The Win


Throw a handful of herbs onto the grill to give your meat extra flavour. You could also use rosemary or basil sprigs as skewers to make kebabs! Also, instead of a basting brush, use herb sprigs to coat your meat with sauces.

7) Innovative Tongs


If you don’t have tongs handy, try using a pair of chopsticks or sugarcane stalks to toss your meats.

8) Keep Your Meat Warm in a Cooler


Line an ice cooler with some towels. Wrap your meat in two layers of tinfoil and keep it in the cooler until your guests arrive.

9) Clean Your Grill With These Tools


You don’t have to spend a ton on fancy cleaners to get your grill sparkling after using it. Throw a couple of onion slices onto the hot coal one you’re done cooking. It has disinfectant properties that will sanitise your grill. Then, rub a sliced onion on the grill bars. After that, scrunch up some tinfoil and use it to scrub away any excess sauces or juices.

Try out these tips and you’ll be grilling up the most flavour packed meats in town!