9 Great Dishes To Make At Home for Navratri and Dussehra!

The day after Mahalaya Amavasya begins Navratri, or nine-nights, celebrating Goddess Parvathi in her form as Shakti. This festival culminates on the tenth day with celebrations of Vijayadashami. In the State of Karnataka it is one of the most celebrated festivals. The celebrations date back to the Vijayanagara Empire and further iconized by the royal family of Mysore the Wadiyars, the Goddess in the Avatar of Chamundeshwari is venerated for vanquishing the evil Mahishasura, at this festival. The Mysore Palace is lit on all days of the festival and culminates with the Jumbo-Savari or the elephant procession.


Festival means food!

So here are some great tasting traditional fanfare and not too traditional too to take away the monotony year after year! These are made for the festival and not all dishes are prepared at home like they used to be so some of them can be bought if you just don’t have the time!


new kosambari_compressed

Kosambari is a great dish as it serves up as a salad! A must for the Festival!  



Pulao is a must for the feel of the festivity! it is a heart-warming dish and a fulfilling one as wholesome as wholesome can be! 

Beans Palya


Bean Palya will add that green zest to the fanfare!

Carrot and Cabbage Palya


Carrot and cabbage Palya will add colour and the require nutrients to the festive spirit!

 Zucchini Pakoda – For a twist

Zucchini Pakodas

Zucchini Pakodas will add that interesting surprise factor to your table! 



Sambar is the comforting moisture people require on a day of repast. Easy to make easy to serve!


holige rasam_compressed

Rasam is that required drink to a fulfilling repast



Obbattu is a must have in Bangalore on all festive days!

Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak_compressed

Mysore pak is an iconic Mysore sweet dish! Considered as the pride of Mysore! 

Strawberry yoghurt – to cool of the Masalas 


Strawberry yoghurt for afters….bliss!