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Which Of These 90s Foods Do You Miss The Most? #POLL


What Dunkin’ Donuts and Burger King? We’re from the Wimpy’s and Nirula’s era. A box of Nutties gets us more excited than an entire bar of Dairy Milk Silk. Such was the 90s charm, when WWE cards were more important than Wifi and Milton bottles were cooler than sporty sippers – which, by the way, aren’t even insulated. Here are 9 food items that every 90s kid wishes they’d preserved in a time capsule.


  1. Phantom Sweet Cigarettes

You know you were the coolest of the clan if you carried one of these to school and managed to flaunt it even, without getting caught by the teachers!2 packedinindia_1441785580


  1. Parle Rol-a-Cola

Oh dear candy shaped cola, where have you vanished?Rolacola


  1. Ravalgaon Pan Pasand

The taste of of paan with awesmesauce sweetness! In other words, the solution to every problem (according to their super dramatic ads).wpid-unnamed-18.jpg


  1. Choki

Am I the only one crying my eyes out right now?d9c86b53913063.5609294486613


  1. Cadbury Bytes

What did we ever do to Cadbury to devoid of all its chocolaty innovations?BYTES Large


  1. Perk

No, Perk Glucose is not how Cadbury’s meant it to be! Perk was different. It was synonymous with bubbly Ms. Zinta and lots of delicious chocolate and wafer layers. Oh and did you know, we had flavors back in the day?6943053487_087405c20b


  1. Milkmaid Squeezy

That tin of condensed milk once used to be a tube of squeezy bread spread goodness.2003051602020601


  1. Pepsi Ice Cream Sticks

Slush, liquid, or hard ice, depending on the how hot it was and for how long it had been sitting in our bags, sucking on one of these refreshing tubies was the ultimate summer high.1 mumbaigloss in_1441785545


  1. Ring Pop Lollipop

We’ve been born dreamers, haven’t we? Getting engaged to ourselves before we even knew the meaning of engagement. Because, who doesn’t want a giant candy on their ring finger?candies-470 (6)


Some of these munchies found their way into the early “Y2K” years but that still isn’t enough! Which of these do you want back on the market shelves again? Vote and let us know!

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