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9 Edible Party Decorations For Christmas


What’s better than decorating a tree for Christmas? Eating it. Now since Oreo has taken care of building an edible Christmas tree, here are nine tree and home decorations that you can eat once Santa has confirmed that you’ve been good this year!


  1. The Wreath

A wreath is how you tell your door (or wall) that it’s Christmas and this is the chocolatiest way of doing that!


  1. Gingerbread Goodies

Nigella Lawson tells you how to do up your tree in delicious gingerbread decorations iced with your favorite flavors.


  1. Pine Cones

Psych your tree into thinking that it’s standing amidst tall pine trees with these sugar dusted chocolate pinecones.


  1. Bauble Cupcakes

Ok so you can’t actually hang these on a tree, but hey think about how pretty the plate will look with these adorable bauble mini cupcakes!


  1. Royal Icing Ornaments

Ice up an ice-cream cone with royal icing leaves and add some icing ornaments to get yourself tiny edible Christmas tree!


  1. Merry Strawberry

Learn from ‘Strawberry Sue’ how to build up an edible Christmas tree made entirely out of chocolate dipped strawberries!


  1. Chocolate Christmas Centerpiece

Cover a cone entirely in cream icing and stick on some of your favorite chocolates for a tree that shouts out ‘EAT ME!’


  1. Cookie Dough Trinkets

Coat some balled-up cookie dough in melted chocolate and colored sugar to widh your tummy a very merry Christmas!


  1. Embossed Christmas Ornaments

Cookie up your tree with these intricately embossed cookies!


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