9 Drool Worthy Samosa Recipes For World Samosa Day

9 Drool Worthy Samosa Recipes For World Samosa Day

Samosas though haven’t originated in India, but have come to be one of the most popular snacks. Call it a street food or the perfect evening binge, these deep fried samosas are not be missed. So here are 9 drool worthy recipes so that you can make a variety of them at home. Happy World Samosa Day!

Punjabi Samosa Recipe

The delectable North Indian version of Samosa, best enjoyed with spicy coriander chutney!

Egg Samosa Recipe

Egg lovers are surely going to enjoy this one. Dip these into chilli sauce or ketchup and enjoy with tea!

Paneer Samosa Recipe

With a spicy paneer filling, these samosas are great for serving at a party too!

Chicken Samosa Recipe

They say that if you’re having a cheat day do it right! This recipe is what works for us!

Keema Samosa Recipe

The wafting aroma of keema samosa at Irani cafes is absolutely awesome. Here’s a recipe to recreate the magic at home!

Maggi Samosa Recipe

Got nothing but maggi and flour at home? Whip up these luscious maggi samosas in no time!

Gujarati Samosa Recipe

Stuffed with a variety of vegetables, these samosas pair well with a sweet and sour chutney.

Potato And Pea Samosas Recipe

You’ve relished it as a classic street snack and now it’s time to recreate them at home!

Chocolate Samosa

If you have a sweet tooth, there’s a samosa for you too. Try this lovely Chocolate Samosa recipe and indulge!