9 Cocktail Recipes To Make For Your Next Ladies’ Night In

Throwing a little ladies’ night party indoors? We’ve got some great recipes for you, ones that you just can’t miss, and ones that are crucial in making your party a good one. These cocktail recipes have to be at your fingertips when you’re stirring a storm up by your bar at home. Your guests will thank you for it and yes, you’ll be known as the best host/bartender in your social circle. Plus, what’s a good ladies’ night without cocktails?


1. 3 Ingredient Watermelon Cocktail Recipe


Just 3 ingredients. This is the simplest, yet most delicious cocktail you’ll ever make.


2. Chandon Rose Granite Recipe


A chic colour and a refreshing taste makes this drink a real winner at parties.


3. Pink Sunrise Cocktail Recipe


A little pink – something fun for your ladies’ night!


4. Dozen Red Roses Cocktail Recipe


This drink will pamper you crazy.


5. Champagne And Orange Cocktail Recipe


A fruity kick is what you need to wake your senses up and feel alive at the party.


6. Cherry Kiss Cocktail Recipe


A kiss of cherry will do you good.


7. Seduction Cocktail Recipe


Allow the cocktail to do it’s magic and keep your spirits high!


8. Chocolate Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe


The classic old fashioned gets a chocolaty makeover in this recipe!