9 Cafes In Chennai To Visit This Weekend For A Quick Coffee Run

Coffee Coffee Coffee….Coffee? Coffee!!!! If you just understood last sentence, we understand you. Here’s us helping you out by listing some cafes in Chennai that you can visit for some coffee this weekend! 

1.The Brew Room- Speciality Coffee

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Any coffee off their speciality coffee list is just breathtaking. However, the coffee brewed using the Vaccum Siphon method takes home the grand prize. The overall experience will give enough strength to fight the Monday Blues through the weekend!

2.Downtown Cafe- Caramel Cappuccino




There are hundred ways to ruin a Cappuccino and Downtown Cafe has found the one way to perfect it!

3.The Coffee bean and Tea Leaf-Iced Coffee


Instead of going for the traditional hot coffee you can try the Iced Coffee here and you will not regret or ever forget it!And what better place to go for Iced coffee than to the ones who invented it?

4.Gloria Jean’s Coffee-Irish Coffee


Can coffee get you high? Give it a try with their Espresso Shots! If you feel like making some coffee but are a bad cook at the same time, Gloria Jean’s is your place. You can customize your coffee here and we strongly recommend the Irish coffee.

5.Coffee Central- Layered Mocha


A small cafe where you can spend your lazy day cozying up with some mocha! It is a blend of both hot and cold espresso topped chocolate sauce and ice cream served at a very reasonable price. What’s there not to love about it.

6.Coffee Tales- Con Panna


A heavily creamed coffee for Sunday brunch wile you enjoy a book. Nothing beats the feeling of that!

7.Amethyst- Hazelnut Cappuccino

9 Cafes In Chennai To Visit This Weekend For A Quick Coffee Run

With a pleasing environment and perfectly brewed coffee, this place is all that a coffee lover can ask for and more.

8.Ashvita Nirvana- Espresso



Espresso at Ashvita Nirvana and the other variants like Filter Coffee are exotic in their aroma and taste. We bet that you won’t be stopping with one.

9.The Chocolate Room- Cookie Crumble Coffee


Coffee, Chocolate and Cookies! Need I say more? One must also try their Hot chocolate. It is aww-so beautiful.