9 of The Best Breweries in The World To Visit on That Beer Pilgrimage

We like beer. We like it so much that is has become an almost holy part of our life. It makes sense, then that we’re considering taking a beer pilgrimage around the world. You’re welcome to join us, provided that you match our levels of beer enthusiasm. 

1) St James’s Gate Brewery

Where: Dublin, Ireland


We’re sure you’re familiar with a somewhat popular beer called Guinness? Yes? Well, the St James’s Gate Brewery is where it is made, giving the brewery a legendary status. What makes it even more legendary is the fact Arthur Guinness signed a 9000 year lease for it in 1759. Since then the Guinness family has purchased the brewery and has established the Guinness Storehouse on the premises, which chronicles the 250 year old history of Guinness.

2) Heineken Brewery 

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands


Here’s another beer that we’re sure you’re familiar with; the classic Heineken. The original Heineken brewery is now a museum that is known as the Heineken Experience. It offers tours, interactive sessions, and – of course – lots of beer tastings. 

3) Yebisu Beer Brewery 

Where: Tokyo, Japan


Want some German style beer in Japan? Visit the Yebisu Beer Brewery which was established in 1887 and still uses traditional German beer brewing methods. 

4) Stiegl Brewery 

Where: Salzburg, Asutria


This beautiful brewery was established in 1492 and has seen Austria through countless wars. The brewery uses the same brewing procedure handed down from its founding fathers. Rumour has it that Mozart enjoyed a glass of Steigl when he wasn’t composing masterpieces. 

5) Weihenstephan Brewery

Where:  Weihenstephan, Germany 


A thousand years ago, this brewery used to be the monastery brewery of Benedictine monks. Today, the still standing brewery continues old beer brewing traditions and offers a museum tour and beer tasting sessions for visitors. 

6) SAB World of Beer

Where” Newton, South Africa


After 100 years of brewing premium beer in South Africa, SAB (South African Breweries) opened its doors to the public in the form of SAB World of Beer. This brewing center offers tours, beer tastings and also hosts conference and events. We think it would be the perfect destination for a work conference! 

7) Samuel Adams Brewery

  Where: Boston, Massachusetts, USA


Samuel Adams, the founder of this brewery was also one of the founders of America. The brewery was the original site for brewing the Boston Lager, and now has a museum that imparts information about the brewery’s founder and the history of beer making. 

8) Brooklyn Brewery 

Where: Brooklyn, New York


Enjoy an empire state of mind by sipping on beer in one of New York’s most iconic districts. Go one the beer tour with a New York edge and then enjoy the unique Brooklyn inspired beers like the Brooklyn Winter ale and the Brooklyn Oktoberfest. 

9) Coopers Brewery

Where: Adelaide Australia 


The Coopers Brewery has remained strictly in the Cooper family since 1862. Pay a visit to the Coopers Brewery and take their brewery tour which will exhibit items that were used to concoct the brews, show you around the bottling plant and allow you to taste some of Coopers’ most finely crafted beers.