Technology has reached new levels. We have seen food printing starting to grow as a trend, with and their photo-printing coffee machine. And now we have this new lollipop that takes the food printing concept to a whole new level.

UK-based Candy Mechanics has developed Lolpops, a chocolate lollipop rendering of your face covered in gold. Always wanted to take a bit of your own face? Well apparently, now you can! The company is able to take a 3D model of your face using a simple video capturing program, and can then print onto chocolate lollipops. The lollipops are dipped in gold and then shipped to your doorstep.


The Lolpops come in batches of three, and will cost 20 Euros per box. It sounds like a great Christmas gift for people who like to see their face on literally everything — and also a cool concept in itself. 


All it takes is three simple steps.


Use your smart phone to record your head and turn it into a 3D scan!


Their skilled mechanics set to work to immortalise you in chocolate.


Each box of three lolpops fits straight through a letter box for the perfect surprise.


Candy Mechanics will only be producing 500 boxes before Christmas, however, so it’s up to you to order your box as fast as possible.