8 Yummy Quick-Fix Maggi Recipes to Save your Week Nights

Week days are busy, with everyone running off to work, school or college. When we get home in the evening, all we crave for is a hot, fresh meal. But who has the strength or motivation to cook a full- course meal after a long and tiring day? That’s why we’ve got a great line-up of fast Maggi recipes with delicious twists you can whip up in a jiffy on a busy week night!

Spicy Chicken Maggi

Loaded with all the spice you crave and chunky pieces of chicken, this recipe is a sure winner for a hungry non-vegetarian!

Spicy Cheese Maggi

Cheese lovers rejoice! Now bringing two of your favourite things together, this Spicy Cheese Maggi is the dish you’ve been waiting for all your life.

Tadka Maggi

This spicy Maggi full of a hearty tadka flavour will have you waiting for the next time you make it!

Vegetable Maggi

If it’s a vegetarian day and you crave yourself some Maggi, this is an obvious choice. You can finally replicate that drool-worthy picture on the Maggi packets.

Egg Maggi

Hearty, wholesome, and combined with the spiciness of the trademark Maggi masala, this is a perfect recipe for a busy day.

Spicy Chilli Maggi

The tangy tartness of the chilli in this Maggi recipe is perfect for lovers of fiery instant noodles. Try this now and give yourself a treat.

Cheesy Corn Maggi

This cheesy, corn Maggi is a great way to start your day. Don’t have time to prep for breakfast? That leftover corn in the fridge and some cheese will make your instant noodles breakfast fix nutritious too!

Cheesy Mushroom Maggi

This dish is the perfect combination of health and taste. Served sizzling with sliced mushrooms and melted cheese, it’s definitely a popular choice!



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