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8 Weird Juice Mixes found at Amudham Juice Shop in Kodambakkam


Amudham Juice shop is a gulp away from the ordinary. They’ve come up with a menu that’s sure to make your average juice shop jealous. Take a look at some of the mixes they offer and do drop by to quench your longing for crazy . 

1. Tender Coconut + Watermelon

 image am- 1.1

2. Sweet Lime + Tender Coconut

 image am- 5

3.  Toddy Palm (nongu) + Tender Coconut

 image am- 1

4. Toddy Palm + Watermelon

 image am- 4

5. Toddy Palm + Sweet Lime

image am- 3 

6. Tender Coconut + Pomegranate

 image am- 6

7. Tender Coconut + Carrot

 image am- 7

8. Tender Coconut + Kiwi

 image am- 8