8 Types of Dishes That Simply Scream For Dollops Of Cheese

According to us, ‘so cheesy’ is never a bad thing. Being the cheese obsessed fanatics that we are, we’ve managed to find a way to incorporate cheese in almost everything we eat. And, because we stand for all that is good and cheesy, we’ve decided to share our secrets with you. Enjoy!

In A Salad


Eating healthy isn’t too bad when you add a few hunks of good cheese to your salad.

Try: Goat’s or Feta  

Mac and Cheese


Well, this one is a bit obvious but we love it so much!

Try: Parmesan, Fontina, Gruyere or Feta. Or, mix all of them together to make the king of all mac and cheeses!



Spread some nachos with melted cheese and you have the perfect watching-the-game snack. Don’t dawdle though; you don’t want your nachos to get all soggy!

Try: Montery Jack or Cheddar

On Crackers


Crackers taste good alone, but taste divine with a dollop of cheese on top of them.

Try: Cottage cheese or Colby



Cheese and burgers are a non-negotiable combination.

Try: Any cheese you’d like!

On Pizza


Like burgers, a pizza must always have cheese. The Napolitan chefs who are prized pizza makers would heartily agree.

Try: Cheddar, Colby or Edam

In Lasagne


Lasagnes are a heavenly combination of pasta sheets, layers of proteins (or vegetables) and cheese.

Try: Mozzarella or Cheddar

In Sandwiches


No sandwich is complete without a slice or spread of cheese.

Try: Any cheese which strikes your fancy.