8 Things You Can Do With Your Fro-Yo

Frozen yogurt, one of summers favorite treats, is enjoyed by kids and adults everywhere and isn’t necessarily limited to the summer. It is enjoyed through the year and is a treat that goes well with any hour of the day! What we have here is an awesome list for things you can do to take your fro-yo game to another level. We’ve found some amazing concoctions that are so tempting they’ll get you hooked right away (and will probably send you on a trip to the grocery store for some yogurt). So, got fro-yo?


1. Frozen Yogurt Banana Pops


The healthy alternative to cake pops are here. Banana pops are something kids and adults will totally enjoy and thanks to this awesome recipe, you can now make some frozen yogurt banana pops in no time! This recipe makes 14-21 delicious banana pops, but you can easily modify the amounts to make fewer.


2. Frozen Lemon Yogurt Covered Blueberries


Got blueberries? This recipe will change the way you enjoy your blueberries. A delightful lemon-yogurt coated snack is all you need to feel refreshed. Trust us, it’s worth making. And you won’t believe just how simple it is!


3. Frozen Yogurt Drops


Here is a simple recipe for a snack that even kids can try. A nice cold treat for a hot day, these yogurt drops make healthy snacks and are absolutely enjoyable. You can make plenty of these and snack on them all day long with absolutely no guilt at all! Remember to share!


4. Frozen Yogurt Covered Strawberry Pops


It’s true, these beautiful frozen yogurt covered strawberries taste as good as they look. If you’ve got fresh strawberries, you’re in for a yummy treat. If you don’t have them, we suggest you make a run to the grocery store for some right away! These strawberry pops taste like a dream and they’re incredibly healthy too.


5. Nutella Frozen Yogurt


Things just get better with Nutella, don’t you agree? A few tablespoons of Nutella go a long way in this recipe for an awesome frozen yogurt experience. A nice and thick yogurt works well and you could also try toppings like almonds and choco-chips perhaps, to make this one glorious sweet treat!


6. Chocolate & Peanut Butter Frozen Yogurt


This sounds like a dream and it really is. The usual frozen yogurt gets a makeover here. Get your yogurt out of the fridge and make this amazing chocolate and peanut butter frozen yogurt with this recipe.


7. Strawberry Frozen Yogurt Popsicles


Here’s something lovely that you can snack on all day! Popsicles are great for a hot and tiring day and this recipe for strawberry frozen yogurt popsicles are sure to get you feeling refreshed! All it takes is four ingredients to make this sweet popsicle treat!


8. Frozen Yogurt Breakfast Popsicles


This one’s interesting and it’s definitely a must try. Breakfast in a popsicle! Simple, refreshing, and totally awesome! This recipe has everything you need for a great breakfast treat. The popsicles have the goodness of berries, granola, and of course frozen yogurt. Enjoy!