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8 things you can do with your cutlery after you eat


1. You can use it to eat more food. If your plate has run out of food, turn to your partner’s plate. Who says the fun has to end? Keep eating.

keep eating

2. Fork or a potential weapon? Ask an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend.

Fork you.

horro movie scene- spoom

3. To make divine melody. And by “divine melody”, I mean that weird off-beat sound that annoys people when you hit those spoons against a plate, a pot or the table.

drumming with spoon

4. It makes more sense for moms to use a spoon to latch a cupboard shut rather than a lock.

latching a cupboard with a spoon

5. I have a spoon. Why in the world would I need a bottle opener?

coke opened by a spoon

6. Did you know that the idea to make the first coat hanger was inspired by a fork?

No, that’s not true, but it fits the image perfectly, doesn’t it?

fork as a coat hanger

7. What’s on the to-do list of an average spoon? Break an egg? Check. Feeling good about it? Check.

Does the cruelty never end?

breaking eggs with a spoon

8. For the 0.00003% of us who are extremely talented, you should create these jewellery items.

creating jewelley with spoons