8 Strange Cafes for Your Caffeine Urges.

Cafes are always hard-pressed to find new and innovative ways to attract the ever tough-to-impress customers. These 7 places have found bizarre and odd ways to keep us interested!

1. The Sweatshop, Paris


This trendy café lets you try a hand at stitching in the fashion capital of the world. The café comes with sewing machines attached to the tables and vies you a productive coffee break.

2. The Disaster Café, Spain


Fancy a coffee with a touch of earthquake? This normal looking café routinely simulates a 7.8 Richter scale earthquake with flickering lights and tumbling. They even have extra-heavy dishes, just in case.

3. The Grand View Café, Maine


Aptly names Grand View Café, you are served coffee by topless waitresses. Now the name makes sense doesn’t it? Sadly the café was forced to close down due to zoning issues. Weirdly, just zoning issues.

4. Mahiko Mano, Japan

mahiko mano

Another Japanese curiosity, Mahiko Mano houses hammocks along with your coffee beans. Sip on your coffee while lazily relaxing on a hammock. This is definitely something we can get on board with!

5. The Twin Stars Diner, Moscow


A double of everything please, including your waiters! Inspired by a 1964 Soviet film The Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors, this diner is staffed with only identical twins. We find this a tad bit creepy.

6. Neko Café, Japan


A cafe latte with a side of hairball? In Japan where space is limited and pet-free apartments are common, this café allows you to enjoy your caffeine buzz with feline companionship!

7. 100 % Chocolate Café


Not exactly strange, but definitely one-of-a-kind. This paradise for chocolate-lovers serve an impressing 56 varieties of chocolate in their “chocolate library”! We repeat, “Chocolate library”.

8. Café/Day, Japan  


A Japanese Cafe that has you on the edge! The cafes interiors are merged with the street traffic and road. Hopefully not well enough to confuse the motorists.