8 Star Wars Themed Recipes To Make While You Wait For The Force Awakens To Premiere

We’re less than two months away for the latest Star Wars movie; The Force Awakens to premier and fans are already going crazy. If you’re a fellow Star Wars fanatic, why not gather your friends together for a Star Wars party to discuss, speculate and enthuse about what’s to come? With these themed recipes, your anticipation will get even sweeter!

Wookie Cookies

These adorable cookies look so happy that they are going to be eaten!

Darth Vader Cookies

If you’d rather eat Darth Vader then make a batch of these cookies using a stencil and dollops of icing. You’ll feel like a complete boss!

R2D2 Cupcakes

Use your artistic skills, icing and your favourite cupcakes to create adorable edible versions of R2D2!

Yoda Star Wars Cake

 Cook Yoda into a cake. Now there’s a sentence we bet you never thought you’d hear!

Lightsaber Pretzel Sticks

Never convinced your parents to buy you one of those lightsaber toys? Never mind, you can now make your own at home. Bonus: This video includes recipes for Leia’s Hair Buns and another batch of Wookie Cookies!

Yoda Guacamole

Yoda was made for guacamole like wookies were made for cookies!

Yoda Soda

This sweet and sparkly lime drink is a true tribute to Yoda.

Bantha Milkshake


Drink up the furry mammal with this recipe!