8 Spots in Bangalore for a Filling Iftar Meal this Ramadan

Iftar Meal you will remember for a long time coming!

Ramadan is almost halfway through and the food stalls in and around Bangalore are in full swing providing pots of haleem, sizzling kebabs and aromatic Biriyanis for the foodies of Bangalore.

We have rounded up several of our favourites for you to enjoy this once-in-a-year extravaganza. It’s a meat festival so you might want to wear those loose pants stashed in the back of your cupboard. Trust us, you’ll need them.

1. Johnson Market

They serve street food throughout the year but Ramadan has seen some new stalls spring up for some delectable mutton and of course, beef. Kebabs are a must-try!

Must-Try: Beef Roll

Where: Richmond Town 

2. Mosque Road

The past few years have seen a food festival on Mosque road that has been featured internationally. We had friends and family calling us from Australia asking us if we had a chance to go to Mosque road’s street food festival. However, this year due to extreme congestion of traffic and inconvenience caused to mosque-goers in the area, the mosque denied permission for stalls to open up. Before you bring out the tissues, let us tell you that the municipality has provided permission for stalls and the Mosque road street food is on albeit a few tens of stalls less. But, that’s okay we will take what we get!

Must-Try: Everything!

Where: Frazer Town 

3. Koramangala

With the tape on Mosque Road, Koramangala has seen a number of stalls open up dishing out delectable Liver Desserts (sure) and Seafood delicacies. You do not want to miss out on this!

Must-Try: Prawn Dishes 

Where: Food Street and in and around Koramangala 

4. Shivajinagar

For years, it’s been the go-to place for iftar in the city. It makes sense because it is a Muslim dominated area. That could be one of the reasons but the other reason is that they sell some of the best kebabs and seeks in the city. They are particular famous for the camel meat they serve during Ramadan. Let us know what you think of camel meat, we loved it!

Must-Try: Camel Meat Kebab 

Where: Russel Street and in and around Shivajinagar 

5. Tilak Nagar

Ramadan sees Tilak Nagar too, light up with small little stalls that dish out fantastic biriyani and kebabs. If you’re looking for a slightly less crowded space as compared to Shivajinagar, Tilak Nagar might be the place for you. A special mention is for their ox tongue which we haven’t tasted yet, but do let us know if you do!

Must-Try: Firni

Where: In and Around Tilak Nagar 

6. Chichabas Taj and Rahhams in Frazer Town

These two restaurants have built a reputation as serving some of the best Ramadan foods ever. The Haleem at Chichabas is a must try while the biriyani and kebabs at Rahhams is a winner.

Must-Try: Haleem at Chichabas and Biriyani at Rahhams 

Where: MM Road in Frazer Town 

7. Rahamat Nagar

This is similar to Shivajinagar and Mosque Road stalls. The evening air is filled with aromas from grilled meat and charcoal.

Must-Try: Sheek Kebab 

Where: In Rahamat Nagar 

8. Albert Bakery

This legendary bakery serves up a special during Ramadan you might now want to miss out on. It’s called the goat brain puff. No points for guessing the ingredients in this fantastic puff. You will love it even if you aren’t a brain person.

Must-Try: Goat Puff 

Where: Frazer Town 

9. Food Stalls at Empire Restaurants across the city

The food at Empire is up for debate, we know. But their food stalls during Ramadan are delicious, convenient and quick. And whatever it may be, we have always been staunch supporters of Empire especially their post-party delivery.

Must-Try: Kebabs 

Where: All over the city 

10. Hotel Fanoos

They serve delicious rolls and kebabs throughout the year and if you need Ramadan as an excuse to go check it out, we give that to you. I can unabashedly admit that Fanoos actually played a role in a decision to move to an area close by. Judge me all you want, but after you taste their Sheekh Kebab roll

Must-Try: Sheekh Kebab Roll 

Where: Richmond Town. 

If you’re looking to stay in this Ramadan then why don’t you try out our 21 Quick Recipes to Make this Ramadan. 


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