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8 Snacks That We Must Arm Ourselves With In The Face Of a Maggi Ban


India as we know it may be about to change. With the recent findings indicating that Maggi contains both added MSG and high levels of lead and a possible Maggi ban looming on the horizon, millions all over India, and indeed the world are wondering ‘What am I going to eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner or as a snack now?!’ The first response of Maggi lovers was to storm grocery store aisles and hoard as many packets of Maggi as they could as the tweets below show.

However, hoarding will only get us so far. What are we supposed to do when that last packet of Maggi is over? We need a feasible plan for the future. And so we bring you some foods that are as quick to make and just as tasty as a bowl of Maggi. Yes, we do feel a little like a traitor but we must face reality. And so, without further ado:

1) Dosa

Dosas are simpler to make than you’d think. Throw together some rice, dal and spices and you have the batter. Then fry it off and you’ll have some delicious, crispy dosas. Try this simple masala dosa recipe.

2) Pancakes


This is another great option where you throw together ingredients and fry them up. We don’t expect your Maggi accustomed taste buds to approve of plain pancakes, which is why you should try this bacon pancake recipe or, for vegetarians, this cinnamon pancake recipe.

3) Cereal


Yes we saw you rolling your eyes. We’re not talking about plain, boring cornflakes here (although that would be great too). There are numerous ways to jazz up your cereal – add some chocolate milk, chopped nuts or cut fruits and you’ll have a fun, healthy meal. 

4) Nuts


Don’t go nuts with Maggi withdrawal – simply grab a handful of nuts instead. Cashew nuts, macademia nuts, peanuts or almonds – you pick!

5) Sandwiches


There are so many sandwich combinations to try that we can eat a sandwich a day for the next year and not get through them all. Simply stock your fridge with a loaf of bread (try whole wheat brown bread), some vegetables like lettuce and mushrooms, some cold cuts and sauces like mayonnaise and experiment away! If you want to start off by following recipes try this Hawaiian Grilled Chicken sandwich recipe this California Club sandwich recipe.

6) Vada Pav

Take advantage of the stalls selling vada pav that you overlooked when rushing home to make Maggi. Vada pav is delicious, quick to make and filling. Try making your own vada with this batata vada recipe

7) Salads


What?! How could we think a bowl of vegetables could replace Maggi? Well, salads are not always boring – make them more fun with some tasty dressings or delicious ingredients like the bacon in this bacon ranch salad

8) Popcorn


We hereby give you permission to munch on popcorn, even if you’re not watching a movie. Home- made, butter-free popcorn is packed with nutrients found in the corn kernels. 

If you’re not convinced by this list then try out one of these foods now. You may just be converted.