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8 Restaurants in Mumbai to Kick Start Your Day with


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. After 8 hours of sleeping aren’t you ready to dig in a good hearty breakfast? But thanks to the Mumbai traffic you will find yourself grabbing breakfast on the way to office instead of actually eating some. More often than not the traffic will be bad enough thatyou to just make it in time for that early meeting your boss called.Sure a vada pav or chai at the chai tapri may seem quick but why give up on health when you can have a better breakfast at these restaurants?

1. Brunch ‘N’ Munch

Where: Malad

What: European


Crepes, Bacon fries and an English breakfast do you feel like skipping breakfast now? I wouldn’t either!

2. The Bagel Shop

Where: Bandra

What: American 


Bagel, bagel which bagel do you want? Bagel sandwiches and Bagel melts, this is the breakfast I’d be munching on while getting to work!

3. Hotel Ramashray

Where: Matunga

What: South Indian


On days when no Continental breakfast will ever match the satisfaction of the delicious medhu vada and idli breakfast.

4. Eat Around the Corner

Where: Bandra

What: Bakery, Café style food


Okay so maybe not your typical breakfast choice, but it is baked goods!Maybe a butter croissant or a Classic BLT sandwich for breakfast?

5. The Nutcracker

Where: Fort

What: American, European


Buttermilk pancakes, Mushrooms on toast and French toast are just some of the delicious menu items that are a must try here. If not on a Monday morning breakfast then at least on a weekend morning but breakfast here is a must try.

6. Café Madras

Where: Matunga

What: South Indian


Crisp, Golden, light dosas whether you have it the plain kind or the masala kind is your choice but South Indian food is definitely a popular choice for Breakfast.

7. Aromas Café

Where: Powai

What: Continental, Italian       


If you like your options in eggs – sunny side up or poached or eggs benedict and a whole variety in breakfast options be it waffles, pancakes or hash browns Aromas Café will not disappoint you.

8. Café Zoe

Where: Lower Parel

What: Italian, European


Their eggs benedict is to die for. Make one trip for breakfast here and you will most definitely not regret it.