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8 Recipes with Corn That Are Too Corny For Words!


Golden roasted corn, steamed sweet corn, grilled corn on the cob, boiled kernels in a large bowl drenched in cubes of salted butter, there are many ways you can have them! What’s a plus is you can wing it in terms of the other ingredients you use with corn. We’ve curated a list of recipes that involve corn that is bound to impress you and straight up make you hungry! Come summer, corn floods the shelves of markets and people are readily filling their bags with them. Salads are replacing pot roast, pureed corn dips are replacing mayonnaise; because corn just works well with everything and the preparation defies the recorded cooking time for something as effortless as toast. To make a simple corn salad all you have to do is sauté it with glugs of olive oil or diced butter, some kosher salt, and crushed peppercorn. THAT IS ALL. Wasn’t that as simple reading time or batting your eyelids? Yes ‘twas! Try the following recipes and you’ll thank us!

Healthy Corn Chowder-

Soft potatoes, fragrant caramelised onions, woody herbs and sweet corn all wrapped in a warm and hearty chowder. This is a go-to recipe on a cold wintry night. It is like a bear hug in a bowl.


Cheese Corn Balls-

This starter is a hit among people and is so easy to make you won’t feel like you moved a limb.


Spicy Corn Dogs-

This recipe will make your taste buds leak. You’ve been forewarned. The video will show you a simple way to dunk sausages (which can be any form of ground meat) in the batter before you deep fry them. The batter is made using equal portions of polenta and plain flour, eggs, buttermilk, salt, and baking powder.

Here’s a tip from the comments section: Insert your skewers only halfway through your sausage so you don’t get poked by their pointy ends!


Corn and Black Bean Corn Salsa-

In this video, you’ll see how to make a vibrant summer corn salsa with canned black beans, avocado, tomatoes, onions, peppers, and fresh cilantro. It works great with fresh or frozen corn. Serve as an appetizer with tortilla chips or enjoy it as a side dish with chicken, fish, or enchiladas!


Creamy Corn Casserole-

This rich casserole will fill you up and make you smile! A great thanksgiving dish to gobble up when your tummy is squirming and growling in hunger.


Sweetcorn Chilli Fritters-

This beautifully simple recipe on savoury pancakes will give you palpitations that are absolutely normal. Make and enjoy!


Corn Dosa-

This video will show you how to make dosas made out of pureed corn infused batter! She even packs them with grated cheese. Absolutely mouth-watering, you’ll lick your plate clean.


Mexican Cheesy Corn on the Cob-

Ah here’s something we’ve all had and Jamie Oliver gives it a fun spin! Don’t forget to floss after because those kernels love gap toothed people!