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8 Recipes From The SortedFood Channel That Are Awesome!


There is no need to dig out ‘Grandma’s Hand-Written Recipe Book’ from inner wall shelves that have gathered dust bunnies and sleek cobwebs, when there are numerous YouTube channels dedicated to make the sedentary lives of people a whole lot plain sailing. SortedFood is one such channel. Started in May 2010 by four school friends, Jamie Spafford, Ben Ebbrell, Barry James Taylor and Mike Huttlestone, they have the highest subscriber count for a Food channel across Europe, more than Jamie Taylor and Gordon Ramsay’s subscribers put together. It all started when Ebbrell who with a culinary background started jotting cheap and easy to prepare recipes on the back of beer mats and started distributing them to his hunger-stricken friends. This lead to them self-publishing a book that’d help students with minimal income survive through their college years. Here are some recipes from their channel that are so worth your time!

Molten White Lava Cake

Every cooking show on television has led us to believe that runny is good except if it’s a nose. Then you stick a tissue in and clog the leak. Everyone’s marveled at the deliberately runny center of a molten chocolate cake when you run a knife through it. Even an underdone egg yolk does the trick. Nobody can place the provenance of the Molten Chocolate cake. It might have been discovered at a baking competition or in a french home or at a spectacular English restaurant. Howsoever, the Pastry Chef wouldn’t have anticipated a under-cooked molten core and he/she covered it up by ingeniously including kumquats, and powdered frosting. Well, it was a happy accident, isn’t it? Here is a sincere and different take on the gooey ganache filled cake. 


Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This is one recipe that deserves to be perfected. For most cooking channels, a tutorial on making cheese toasties is probably akin to explaining how to read time but it is more complex that meets the eye. Yes, any average Joe with a frying pan can make a sandwich but will it offer a transcendental experience? No it won’t. The glistening cheese, sandwiched between golden, thick crusted bread, suffused with butter and subtle herbs should call out to you. According to me, a surreal tasting cheese sandwich is the ultimate aphrodisiac. The SortedFood fellows will show you how to put together the flawless grilled cheese sandwich and it’ll make you feel all the feelings. Keep your soups ready!


Blueberry Cheesecake

Cream cheese and blueberries are not easy to work with. Many things can go wrong, over-mixing, browning, caving etc. So gather your supplies and watch this video to make this scrumptious dessert!


 The Big Mac ‘n Cheese Burger

People have evolved so much that they don’t need buns to construct the perfect burger. Anything awesome can hold it together, they figured. There is nothing better than elbows of pasta suspended in batter-coated, creamy cheddar. Here’s the best example. Watch this video to make a burger that looks and tastes absolutely heavenly! Here is your recipe- At the base is a deep-fried slice of cheesy macaroni pasta. A dollop of spicy homemade tomato and eggplant ketchup is daubed upon the base and topped with ample fresh peppery rocket leaves. Next, add strips of juicy chicken thigh meat slowly braised in Pepsi, smoked paprika, garlic and onions, then shaped and rolled in bacon breadcrumbs before deep-frying for a crispy coating. Another battered macaroni slice completes this monstrosity. There is plenty of fiery heat from red chillies and sriracha! Keep your glass of cold milk within reach!


Churros with Chocolate Sauce

Let’s cut straight to the chase. Not many people know about Churros. Try this recipe and interpret whether it was worth getting to know this gorgeous, fried snack food!


Meatball Marinara Sub

A saucy Sub is a meal in itself. You don’t need to prompt your appetite with a light starter or any such. Watch this video and bring Subway home!


Steak and Mushroom Pudding

How about having a mountain of pudding that breaks apart to visually enthrall you with its creamy anatomy? Well, that is what this is essentially, a pudding stuffed with mushrooms, a classic sauce and a steak! Yum!


Baked Lamb Samosa

The SortedFood guys try to recreate the classic Indian chat, Samosa and it’s nothing short of delectable. Here is a baked version of the classic samosa. Give it a try!


Sweet Potato Moussaka

A food with an intimidating name cannot be trusted. You don’t know what’s gone into the preparation and you’re just sweating through your pores trying to guess the ingredients. You’re probably wondering what a Moussaka is, right? It is a potato based dish often involving layers of fragrant meat, tender sweet potato and a rich white sauce. It is a thanksgiving-y sort of dish, plentiful and wholesome.