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8 Recipes For Stuffed Indian Breads That Will Leave You Stuffed Too


There’s nothing like hot, buttery parathas to go with your curry. Parantha or paratha is flat Indian bread that is usually stuffed with delicious fillings. It originated in the northern region of the sub-continent. This flat bread (usually made with wheat dough) is a staple at many homes even today and especially in North India where wheat production is high. A hot plate of aloo paratha does not need any introduction and when it is served to you anywhere is sure to remind you of home. There are many varieties of the famous paratha. Aloo , gobi , mooli and paneer paratha are the most famous and widely eaten ones. We are sure you’d want to try and make different varieties of parathas and hence we’ve listed down some of the best recipes there are to get you started.

1. Aloo Paratha

This dish finds its origin in the kitchens of Punjab. It is super filling and super tasty. The secret tip to the best aloo parathas is to be generous with the ghee because, extra ghee is extra love.


2. Corn Paratha

If you love corn, you sure are going to love this recipe as well. Corn is one food that can be grilled, boiled and roasted and still is super tasty. Get going and make this super easy corn paratha.


3. Egg Paratha

This one will leave you asking for more. Chef Harpal Singh shows you how to make it.


4. Pizza Paratha

Fussy kids at home? Make them eat their veggies with this recipe. They’ll love it and so will you.


5. Onion Paratha

A quick and easy recipe is here to make your days better. This can be eaten for lunch, dinner or breakfast and tastes great with some homemade raita or chutney.


6. Masala Onion and Tomato Paratha

Rush hour mornings demand easy recipes. This one comes in handy for that situation. This is a super healthy recipe and is easy on the stomach too.


7. Gobi ka Paratha

The Punjabis have taught us all the right things and one of it is the deliciously tasty gobi paratha. This is an irresistible breakfast dish that’ll steal all hearts.


8. Mooli ka Paratha

Mooli is Indian radish. The spice in the radish perfectly complements the masalas that are added into the mixture. This is a perfect breakfast dish to make your day bright and happy.