8 Recipes For Fruit Butters And Marmalades

It’s time to get fruity with some fruit butters and marmalades. Grab your best pick of the freshest fruit and get ready. A fruit butter is usually a sweetened paste made from cooked fruit that can be used as a spread for several tea time favourites including toast. On the other hand, marmalade prepared with boiled citrus fruits and their peels as well. Both fruit butters and marmalades are a delight to enjoy during tea time and especially during the holidays. So, if you’ve got a day off and would like to spend some time in the kitchen making preserves, try some of these recipes. They also make great gifts in a jar for the holiday season!


1. Peach Butter Recipe

This recipe shows you how to make some amazing thick and rich peach butter in a crock pot. Making large batches is a good idea if you’re thinking of gifting them since they are absolutely yum!

2. Apple Butter Recipe

Here is another recipe showing you how to make some lovely fruit butter in a crock pot. We’re told that this butter preserves really well so make some and enjoy them whenever you like!

3. Plum Butter Recipe

This is a simple recipe for a Polish plum butter that requires only two ingredients – plums and sugar. This fruit butter tastes like the holidays and can be used as a spread on bread, rolls, pancakes as well as cookie or strudel stuffing.

4. Pear Butter Recipe

A simple and easy pear butter recipe, this will be your go-to fruit butter recipe when pears are in season. So delicious to make, your family will love it.

5. Orange and Grapefruit Marmalade Recipe

Seville oranges are used to make this fabulous preserve that will brighten any breakfast. This is a simple marmalade recipe so if you haven’t tried making it before, this should be your first.

6. Fig Marmalade Recipe

Love figs? We’re fans too! This is a very, very simple recipe for a sweet fig marmalade that requires only figs, sugar, and water. So what are you waiting for? Try it!

7. Pineapple and Papaya Marmalade Recipe

This recipe is a Caribbean inspired marmalade that is made using freshly diced tropical pineapple and papaya, along with ginger, lemon juice and zest.

8. Lemon Marmalade

Try some lemon marmalade for a fantastic and intense flavour. If you’re a fan of anything lemon, you’ll definitely love this one!