8 Places in Mumbai That Serve Delicious Pav Bhaji for Every Budget

Pav Bhaji is a sentimental dish for Mumbai. It was originally conceptualised to serve mill workers in the mid-19th century, as it was light and quick. However, even after Mumbai’s mills shut down and mill workers went into other trades, the pav bhaji remained on menus throughout the city. It now graces the kitchens of fine dining restaurants at the Taj and the Oberoi, but can also be found at numerous street stalls. With the range of places serving it, it’s hard to arrive at a definitive list of places that you get the best pav bhajis in Mumbai. But, we’ve tried. 

1) Cannon Pav Bhaji 

Where: Outside CST station


This is a simple stall that serves pav bhaji to train commuters throughout the day. The bhaji, which is a warm orange, is mildly spiced and the pav is perfectly toasted. 

Cost: Rs. 40

2) Sardar Refreshments

Where: Tardeo 


This is not the place to go for calorie counters. The bhaji at this inconspicuous restaurant is generously garnished with dollops of creamy Amul butter, as is the pav.

Cost: Rs.110 for the Amul Pav Bhaji

3) Sukh Sagar 

Where: Chowpatty


This legendary restaurant has been the go to place for quick bites for those in and around Chowpatty for decades. The pav bhaji is served steaming hot in just under ten minutes with four perfectly crisped pavs. You may want to take a minute to watch the butter melting into your bhaji; it’ll prepare you for the nirvana that is coming. 

Cost: Rs. 100

4) Juhu Beach Stalls

Where: Juhu beach


Watch the sun set over the Arabian sea and lounge in a blanket of sand as you tuck into the rich pav bhaji served fresh from any of Juhu’s beach stalls. It’s the perfect way to unwind after a long day. 

Cost: Rs 50 – 100

5) Veggies

Where: Thane


This eatery serves regular plain pav bhaji, along with pav bhaji spin offs, like the Chowpatty pav bhaji, the Chinese pav bhaji (a strange, yet tasty fusion) and the mushroom pav bhaji. Whatever you decide on will be delicious. You have our solemn guarantee. 

Cost: Rs. 80 for the regular Pav Bhaji

6) On The Go Veg Lounge

Where: Borivali West


This is another restaurant that offers fun twists on the original pav bhaji. Among these are the black pav bhaji, the cheese palak pav bhaji and the masala pav bhaji. If you want to truly be gluttonous, it has a pav bhaji platter option. 

Cost: Rs. 120 for the regular pav bhaji, the special ones are slightly more expensive

7) The Square – Novotel 

Where: Juhu


While there’s nothing like eating a plate of pav bhaji standing next to a road side stall amidst traffic, some of us are seeking more luxurious dining options. You don’t have to give up on your favourite street food; The Square serves a delicious pav bhaji. 

Cost: Rs. 499

8) Shamiana at The Taj Mahal Palace 

Where: Colaba


Enjoy the luxury of the plush Shamiana lounge while dipping into a steaming hot plate of pav bhaji. A bonus is the view of the Gateway of India that you’ll get if you snag a table by the window. 

Cost: Rs. 1050