8 Places In Chennai For The Perfect Macarons


Macarons have become highly popular and most talked about confectionery now-a-days. They have become a symbol of sweet surprise and a perfect gift for any event like a birthday or even a wedding. Who doesn’t love a good macaron, right? A macaron is a delicate and intricate French meringue-based confection made with almond powder, granulated sugar, icing sugar, egg white and food colouring. It’s almost a delightful feeling when you bite into this sweet tasting confection. The macaron is usually filled with jam, buttercream or ganache filling sandwiched between two colourful, flavoured cookies. This melt in the mouth, delicate goodness comes in a range of flavours and infinite colours. The most common flavours are almond, vanilla, chocolate, caramel, orange, lemon, pistachio and blueberry. People also tend to experiment with the flavours and combinations of two or more different flavours which makes it more interesting. These are gaining popularity in the city of Chennai too and here we list out a few places where you can find and taste these delicious pieces of love. Thank the French for they have given us a taste of heaven.

1. Est – Hilton


This place is heaven for a dessert lover. They have some amazing tasting desserts and they are just too perfect. The macarons cost about sixty bucks a piece and are out of the world!

2. Tryst Cafe’


Located at Neelankari, people flock here for the ambiance, amazing food but mostly for the desserts. Macarons are priced at Rs.50 each and you just keep coming back for more.


3. Cake Walk


There is only one word that best describes this dessert place – AMAZING! Go to Nungambakkam ASAP and get yourself a big box of macarons.

4. Oven 180 Degrees


Stop by this place for some delicious goodness.

5. The Leela Palace


This place serves some heavenly desserts and the macarons are a must try. A full, perfect five stars for this place!

6. Pantry d’or


This place has got some amazing reviews for the macarons that they serve. They sell chocolate macarons dipped in different colours. A must try if you have a sweet-tooth!

7. Jonah’s Bistro


Head to this place right away and stuff your face with macarons. One of the best places in the whole of Chennai that sell these sweet little pockets of yumminess.

8. V’s Bake House


Located at Kottivakkam, Chennai, this place serves traditional French macarons in Orange, Pistachio, Strawberry and Chocolate flavours.