8 Best Places For Filter Coffee In Chennai

Filter Kaapi is the most important cheez in Chennai, it is as important as chocolate chips in Cookies, how there’s no burger without cheese, how the world cannot function without oxygen. That’s not even an exaggeration, try stealing a morning cup of Filter Coffee from someone and you’ll realize how important it is when you are lying in the hospital bed. But what’s the deal wit Filter Kaapi, you ask? It is the technique and the blend that makes the coffee unique. Filter Coffee also skips the chicory, preserving the natural aroma and flavor of the coffee. It is also not just about the coffee powder, the technique and the milk you use also make a huge difference. Take a look at 8 best places for Filter Kaapi in Chennai for these shops have mastered the art of blending, mixing and serving the perfect cup Filter Kaapi.


1.Kumbakonnam Degree Coffee


Kumbakonnam Degree Coffee outlets are very popular in the highways. The coffee here is served in the traditional brass tumblers that helps keep the coffee hot for a longer time. The aroma of the coffee is so fresh and when you take the first gulp of the coffee, the coffee in turn takes you to wonderland of showing you how it’s being made. You can almost feel the process happening inside you with all that rich flavor.


2.Mylapore Filter Coffee


Mylapore is known for its Filter Coffee, the place just takes pride in the coffee it makes. Mylapore Filter Coffee is one of the places to find a nice hot cup of filter coffee. The same drip decoction method is followed here and it gets you with that nice coffee aroma and gradually the taste just settles in to give you the experience of a lifetime.


3.Hot Chips


Hot chips is one place where one can runs in for a quick breakfast. What many don’t know is that the filter coffee over here is one of the best coffees that you can find in Chennai. That morning Idli and sambar with a cup of coffee washing down the flavors is just heavenly.


4.Saravana Bhavan


The filter coffee is just amazing. The coffee made with thick milk is too tempting to resist.


5.Ratna Cafe


This small cafe in Teynampet has been making wondrous filter coffee for ages. It stands the test of time and still continues to brew some amazing coffee for us.


6.Madras Coffee House


These coffee stalls that throng the main roads are also famous for their filter coffees.


7.Vivekananda Coffee House


The place, over five decades, has emerged as one of the major coffee houses in Chennai. Their coffee powder which is sold in loose is also very famous and was once a household name.


8.Only Coffee


Located a bit off the road from Chennai, the place is worth a mention because the aroma travels all the way to Chennai, inviting us for a worthwhile experience. A great place indeed.