Dilli Diaries: Indulge In Some Desi Paan At These Nooks

Paan is a hot favourite in various parts of India. A delicacy that is deep-rooted in royal histories, the paan now has many variations, which makes it a beloved palate refresher for a larger number of people. Though the capital takes pride in thousands of paan shops all over the city, we have a few favourites. Here are 8 paan stall (a.k.a. panvaadi) in Delhi that’ll kindle your love for paan.


  1. Prince Paan & Chaat Corner

M 29/5, G.K. Part 1, New Delhi-48 | 011 29230841

Probably Delhi’s most famous chaat and paan stop, Prince Paan Corner is frequented by locals, tourists and is even a favorite hotspot of celebs like Shahrukh Khan!Prince-paan.jpg777


  1. Yamu’s Panchayat

Find the nearest outlet here.

Present at a number of locations, Yamus’ is the modern day rendition of a typical paan shop complete with mini hookah sets, traditional mouth fresheners, and the works.2_showroom_images27


  1. Pandey’s Paan

Shop No-3, North Avenue, New MP’s Market, New Delhi-01 | +91 9013447404

This place is a popular name amongst the who’s who of India and people who swear by good paan. They serve up tobacco-less varieties of things like beedi and gutka. Their experiments with paan include flavors like Chocolate hazelnut, Diet Sweet Paan, Raspberry and many more.Pandeys-paan.jpg777


  1. Garib Paan Bhandaar

Shop No. 6393, Khaori Baholt, New Waos, Katra Bariyan Road, Fatehpuri, Chandni Chowk, Delhi-06

Pamper yourself with a deliciously rich chocolate paan from Garib Paan Bhandaar when you visit Janpath next.tn_chocolate_pan


  1. Basant Paan Bhandaar

Near Mushaddi Chowk, Sarai Kale Khan, Nizamuddin, Delhi-13

Located in Nizamuddin, Basant often goes without a crowd gathered around it. The paan here is synonymous with tradition and perfection.Paan5


  1. Mukesh Kumar Paan Bhandaar

Opposite New Delhi Railway Station, Paharganj, Delhi-55

Nestled in the busy junctions of Sadar Bazaar in Chandni Chowk, Mukesh Kumaar Pan Bhandaar is a favorite among ardent paan lovers in Old Delhi.323063680_dfe536432c


  1. Bednath Paan Bhandaar

Main Market, Green Park, Delhi-16 | 011 26966797; 011 20095069; +9 19810960548

Known for its impeccable Banarasi paans, the Bednath Paan Bhandar sitting next to the New Delhi Railway Station is also the answer to all late night paan cravings as it never closes. Yep, a 24/7 paan shop!paanAP577913u_3341988b

  1. Varanasi Tambul Pratisthan

Block S, Green Park Extension, Green Park, New Delhi-16

Banarasi paan is probably the most coveted variety of paan in India, the Varanasi Tambul Pratisthan does a top-notch job of assembling a betel leaf that’ll transport you to the Ghats of Banaras.meetha-paan-792761