8 Milk Sweets I Love In Chennai!

Paal Payasam

This is an integral part of South Indian meals and is made of vermicelli or rice, steamed milk, cashews and raisins. It is served first in little brass cups during weddings and really triggers your appetite. You will usually spend a good one minute trying to lick the runny payasam clean after which you prepare your belly for all the wolfing down you’ll proceed to do.

Paal Payasam


This is a favourite Indian dessert which is a close variation of the Bengali Rasgulla. These are moulded balls of rich paneer dunked in simmering cardamom scented milk cream. It is relished by people of all age groups and is best when chilled.



Paal Kova

Paal Kova is made by constant stirring and reduction of milk to half its original quantity. You can’t eat just one spoon because it is so damn tasty!



Milk Burfi

These are blocks of heaven. Laden with pistachios and cardamom, they are soft and easy to bite into and healthy! Remember TV advertisements where a mom snaps a child’s hand sharply as he tries to grab one of these. Yeah, not cool mom.

Milk Burfi


Paal Kozhukattai

Modhaks in milk. Let’s just quit explaining and dive right into how tasty these are. These are beautifully rolled little balls of rice flour sitting in flavoured milk, waiting to be eaten. WE’RE DONE. YOU CAN GO HAVE SOME NOW.

Paal Kozhukattai


Paal Pheni

This is my favourite! Strings of vermicelli in a pool of creamy milk. The taste is beyond anything you’ve ever had and you’ll just bug the server for more. All the death stare he throws at you won’t deter you from demanding more. Trust me, it is THAT good.



Paal Poli

Poli and milk spiced with cardamom, saffron, and nutmeg. Does it get better? Yes, yes it does. You can add a whole lot of nuts and raisins and even figs. Without dispute the best in taste.

Pal Poli


It is just curdled milk with a whole lot of spices. It is a time consuming procedure but the resulting dish is super worth the wait!